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Tiger's wish to get a Stepney wooden train from 1996 & a Trackside Tunes 2001 video backfires in the previous episode, so he wants to get them. However, this only results to chaos when he slams on his wooden jail cell.

Soon enough, Kipper comes into the jail to save Tiger, but he has to battle some angry cops who don't want Tiger to come out, so he makes a plan.

In the jail, Tiger cries for help, but he breaks out of the cell & the cops chase him, & Tiger must drive his parents' car to escape. However, when he is about to turn around to his house, the car gets out of control, causing him to get his revenge: a runaway rampage, which causes the chase out of jail to make the car drive backwards!

He frightens other friends who are waiting for him to arrive. Here is the results:

  • Passing a hot dog stand while Pig is ordering Jake some hot dogs.
  • Making Kipper to fly through the air while he is trying to catch up to Tiger's parents' car.
  • Exploding a nearby tunnel. (The other kids who were laughing at him's shirts fly off while this event)

The car passes many things as Tiger passes, such as breaking through walls, flying over ramps, & whizzing by other cars! His friends stop him & Tiger runs inside: Kipper locks the door, & the others turn off the lights. The police officers don't seem to find them hiding, & walk away. Suddenly, Tiger gets saved after he can't find the police officers, & they have a celebration.

Featured Characters

  • Kipper
  • Tiger
  • Tiger's Mom and Dad (mentioned)
  • Pig
  • Arnold (cameo)
  • Policeman (from Arthur)
  • Jake


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