Tiger is a cat That appears in An American Tail.

He is Fievel's best friend.

As Gian in Merlemon

He bullies Oliver aka Nobita in the series. He sings his songs in a very bad way. He is the antagonist with the series. He goes with Young Tod aka Suneo.

As Gideon in Nobinocchio

He stays with Warren T. Rat (Cat) aka J. Worthington Fowlfellow in the movie and they invite Nobita aka Pinocchio to go to Gian aka Stromboli.

As Little John in Oliver Hood

As The Beast in Beauty and the Fat Cat

As The Chesire Cat in Nobita in Wonderland

He answers to Nobita aka Alice where is Dorami aka The White Rabbit.

[[ As Fflewddur Fflam in The Colour Cauldron

[[ As Cubby the Bear Lostboy in Nobita Pan

[[ As Kay in The Sword in the Rock

[[ As Kronk in Oliver's New Groove and its sequel

[[ As Jumba in Marie & Doraemon and its sequel

[[ As Barney Gumble in The Simpsons (Ver.505)

[[ As Cleveland in The Tigerland Show

[[ As Goofy in Tiger ProofA Tiger MovieAn extremely Tiger Movie, Disney (Ver.101), and Doraemon Club House

[[ As Spike in The Land After Time

[[ As Peter Pan in Tiger Pan

[[ As Baloo in The Great Wild Book

[[ As Charlie in All Cats go to heaven (Math98 style version)

[[ As Trevor Evans in Fireman Basil

[[ As Crazy Legs in Oliver the Woodpile Cat

[[ As Hercules in Tigercules

[[ As Tarzan in Tigerzan

[[ As Zeus in Nobircules

[[ As Toby in The Great Kid Detective

[[ As Tantor in Nobirzan

[[ As The Ghost of Christmas Present in Oliver's Christmas Carol

[[ As Sultan in Berliozladdin

[[ As Speed in The Fox Princess

[[ As Genie in Tiggerladdin and those sequels

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