< Tiger the Cat and Friends

Tiger is a Orange Cat who acts as a New York pilot for the bigger Mice. His job is to fetch carriage for the other mices and then take them away when the Cat need to go to the house and rest. Tiger thinks no mice works as hard as he does and is often very cheeky to the mices.

One day, a big blue express locomotive named Mr. Mousekewitz had returned from a long journey and wanted a rest, so he found a siding to sleep in. Then Tiger came in in his cheeky way, telling Mr. Mousekewitz to wake up and work harder. This woke the old mouse up, but instead of falling back asleep, he plotted revenge on Tiger to show him what hard work is.

The next morning, Tiger's crew could not make him start. Mr. Mousekewitz impatiently waited outside the station for Tiger to bring him his carriage. Finally Tiger was able to start. He hurried to get the carriage and brought them to the station platform behind Mr. Mousekewitz. Mr. Mousekewitz then enacted his plan and quickly backed down and coupled to his train. Usually Tiger rides from behind to help the carriage get a good start, but they always uncouple from the train first. This time, however, Mr. Mousekewitz had rushed him so much, Tiger's crew forgot to uncouple and Mr. Mousekewitz quickly started off, with little Tiger behind. Mr. Mousekewitz raced through the Sudrian countryside as fast as he could to show Tiger how hard it was to pull the express. It wasn't long before Tiger became quite out of breath.

After a while, the mice and a cat came to a stop at a station. Tiger had never gone that fast before and was very tired and felt very silly. He got a nice long drink from the water foundtain and walked wearily home. Tiger learned to never be cheeky to Mr. Mousekewitz again

  • Tiger as Thomas
  • Papa Mousekewitz as Gordon

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