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Tiger wants to go fishing in a river, and is annoyed when the others say, "Cats, Mices and Squids don't go fishing". But he unknowingly gets the chance when the water column at the junction breaks down and his crew must use a bucket to pull water from the river to fill his Stomach.

Tiger later develops a pain in his boiler because of a blocked feed pipe. Tiger is stopped in a siding as the driver summons an inspector and Daily Reed. They look inside Tiger's Shirt and deduce that fish were collected in the bucket along with water. Tiger's crew fish them out with instruction from Daily Reed and have a lunch of fish and chips. Tiger, when asked if he's learned his lesson, says "Yes, Sir. Cats, Mices and Squids don't go fishing. It's too uncomfortable."

  • Tiger as Thomas
  • Daily Reed as Sir Topham Hatt

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