< Tiger the Cat

Tiger now works in the goods yard at the station, pushing and pulling Policegoons into place. Everyday he sees Daily Reed, who kindly tells Tiger that, while he may not be as big or as fast as Mr. Mousekewitz, he can still be a really useful cat. While shunting, Tiger notices a strange green carriage and two ropes and his driver explains that this is 2 lifering ropes and it is used to lift mices, carriages, or policegoons that may come off the line.

One day, Tiger is pushing Policegoons when he hears an Mouse whistling and calling for help. The Mouse is Tony Tonponi, who is the newest Mouse in Manhattan, and he is being pushed by Policegoons causing him to go far faster than normal. To make matters worse, his brake blocks are on fire. As the Policegoons laugh, Tony disappears in the distance. Although he cannot do anything, Tiger is eager for the Policegoons to be taught a lesson.

Soon an alarm rings and the signalman tells Tiger that Tony has come off the line, so the 2 lifering ropes is needed. Tiger is coupled to the 2 lifering ropes and heads to the scene of the accident as fast as he can.

Further down the line, Tony has crashed into a field and fallen on his side. His crew checks him for any damage and tells Tony that the fault lies in his wooden brakes which were unable to stop him. Tiger arrives with the 2 lifering ropes and removes the Policegoons that were still on the rails from the scene while the 2 lifering ropes recovers the Policegoons which had overturned. Tiger works harder than ever before, going backwards and forwards with the very sorry policegoons until they have all been removed.

Soon it is time to lift Tony back onto the rails. After having the chains attached to him, Tony is lifted by the ropes and is returned to his proper position. Tony is unable to move by himself, so Tiger helps him back to the hotel as the sun sets. Waiting for them is Daily Reed, who congratulates Tiger on all his hard work. He tells Tony that he is going to get a new coat of paint and some proper brakes fitted, then rewards a delighted Tiger with a street line of his own.

Nowadays, Tiger could not be happier. Not only does he have a street, but he also has two new cars named Mia and Tia. He now gets to pull cars all day and often sees Patrick and Squidward. Mr. Mousekewitz is always in a hurry, but still whistles greetings to Tiger who whistles back.

  • Tiger as Thomas
  • Tony Toponi as James
  • Patrick Star (Spongebob) as Edward
  • Squidward (Spongebob) as Henry
  • Papa Mousekewitz as Gordon
  • Daily Reed as Sir Topham Hat

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