Tiger and his parents go to the video store to go shopping, Tiger notices a 2001 Thomas's Trackside Tunes video, he asks for it, but his parents refuse to let him have it. Tiger throws a loud, whiny tantrum and his parents drag him out of the store and they lock him in his dark room where he screams and bawls even more. The next day they go to the toy store and Tiger sees a 1996 wooden railway Stepney, he pleads for it but his parents say "No!!" and Tiger throws another loudest tantrum and all the kids laugh at him and he towards them and throws a punches at them. If Someone called the police, they told Tiger to be quiet. He got arrested by the cops and he lock him in the jail. Kipper would rescue Tiger from Police Officers, Tiger is planning for revenge.

Featured Characters

  • Tiger
  • Kipper
  • Tiger's Mom
  • Tiger's Dad
  • Jake (cameo)
  • Pig (cameo)
  • Arnold (cameo)
  • Policeman (from Arthur)


  • Tiger is 10 years old, so why would he have tantrums now?
  • It is unknown why Kipper was at Tiger's house, there was no mention of a playdate or setup. And what's more, nobody was at home with Kipper, so how would he go back home?
  • This is the second Kipper episode to have a narrator since Kipper and The Flood.

Transcript (DO NOT EDIT, PLEASE!!!!!)

  • Narrator: One day Tiger and his parents went to the video store, Tiger was very excited, but after he went to the Thomas VHS section, it happened.
  • Tiger: Look! It's a 2001 Anchor Bay VHS edition of Thomas's Trackside Tunes, may I have it pleease??
  • Jiminy Cricket: No!
  • Kirby: Never!
  • Tiger: But....But... I WANT IT, WAAAAAAAAAH!!! WAAAAAAAAAH! Please!! Please!!! Pleeeeeeeease!!!
  • Littlefoot: No! And you have many Thomas videos at home!
  • Tiger: WAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAH!!!! BUT I STILL WANT TRACKSIDE TUNES!!!! Pleeeease!!! Pleeease!!
  • Narrator: And that was that, friends dragged him furiously out of the video store. (friends drag him out of the store, Tiger bawls and sobs behind) Then they put him in his dark room for his punishment.
  • Tiger: NOOOOO!!!!! It's too late to buy that Trackside Tunes VHS!!! Too late!!!! Wahahahaahhahah!!!!!
  • Narrator: Just then Kipper came up to Tiger.
  • Kipper: No, it's not, you can get it for your birthday, Tiger.
  • Tiger: Yeah, well thats 2 months from now!!!! I'll never get it!!!!!!
  • Kipper: You can get it if you behave.
  • Narrator: The next day Tiger and his parents went to the toy store, there, Tiger saw a whole bunch of retired Thomas trains.
  • Tiger: WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! Look at that wooden railway 1996 Stepney!!!!!!!! I WANT IT!! I WANT IT!!! CAN I HAVE IT, Pleeeeeeease?!?!!!
  • Pacman: Not today, Tiger.
  • Link:(cuts in) Besides, you have a million trains at home you don't even play with.
  • Tiger: BUT I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!! I WANT IT NOOOOW!!!! Pleeeeease!!!!! Pleeeease!!!!!
  • Narrator: And Tiger began to scream and cry.
  • Tiger: No!!! No!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! (Tiger keeps on fussing while all the other kids laugh at him)
  • Narrator: Tiger runs into the other kids and attack them. Before their parents called the police, three police cars arrived at the toy store. Also, the Police helicopter searched for the toy store, the cops toward into Tiger.
  • Policeman: What are you doing, here! Stop throwing punches and all the kids! I Want you to stop it!
  • Tiger: No, I want to go home!
  • Policeman: We need you to put in a jail, right now!
  • Narrator: The cops are put a handcuff on Tiger. And he is sent to the jail at the police station.
  • Policeman: Shut up!
  • Tiger: NO! YOU, SHUT UP, FATTY!!!!
  • Policeman: (Growls)
  • Narrator: But Tiger was furious breaks the jail doors open. The Policeman are very angry and chase after Tiger, Kipper arrived.
  • Kipper: Don't worry, Tiger I'll rescue you!
  • Narrator: Kipper & Tiger got to the bridge they made it across, but the Policemen couldn't stop they slipped off the road & crashed off the cliff.
  • Policeman: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (Police cars crashing & explodes far away.)
  • Kipper: He's dead.
  • Narrator: Tiger is safe at last. He bought the Thomas' trackside tunes 2001 VHS & 1996 wooden Stepney, & he is very happy.

(scene ends)

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