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  • Tiger
  • Kipper
  • Black-Eyed Bullard (First appearance)
  • Bullard's Pack Rats (First appearance)
  • Jake (cameo)
  • Pig (cameo)
  • Arnold (cameo)
  • Scarry (cameo)


One day Tiger is at school, when he is on his way home, he meets a rude, arrogant and rowdy bull named Black-Eyed Bullard who threatens to beat him up and punch him in the face. At home Tiger confesses his fears to Kipper, who claims that he should be tough and say Leave me alone! But matters made things worse so Bullard's Pack Rats grab Tiger by the arms and drag him away. But then, Tiger escapes from the pack rats and punches Bullard in the face There is a big fight between Tiger and Black-Eyed Bullard, finally the principal splits them up and Tiger and Kipper live happily ever after.


  • Scarry the dog makes a cameo in this episode, but he should be in Obiedience School.
  • What is Arnold doing at Elementary School?
  • Tiger should have known that hitting or hurting people was innapropriate for school. Besides, Tiger should have told a teacher about Black-Eyed Bullard.
  • The Pack Rats should have been about Mouse's size.
  • When Tiger says 'Take this, Bullface!!' his eyebrows are missing.
  • Kipper was right at school with Tiger, so why would he need to tell Kipper at home?
  • It is said that Tiger punched Black-Eyed Bullard in the face, but he really punched him in the forehead.
  • Studio Equipment can be seen as Tiger is about to get punched.
  • If Black-Eyed Bullard had a black eye, then that means he should have had a bandage on it.


  • A Vhs cover for Trust Thomas and Other Stories can be seen in Kipper's Playroom.
  • This episode is parodied by The Simpsons episode Bart the General.
  • A Thomas and Friends and Kipper Vhs collection can be seen in Kipper's Playroom.
  • Stock Footage from The Long Walk, Cakes and Tails and The Camping Trip is used.

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