Tigger and The Hot Air Balloon and Other Episodes

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Tigger and The Hot Air Balloon and Other Episodes is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction VHS/DVD Release featuring one Dexter's Laboratory episode, four Friturtoons episodes and one The Fairly OddParents episode. This is distributed by USA Home Entertainment in 2010.


  1. Babe Sitter (Dexter's Laboratory)
  2. Tigger and The Hot Air Balloon (Friturtoons)
  3. Take and Fake (The Fairly OddParents)
  4. Horrid Koopa (Friturtoons)
  5. James' Worst Nightmare (Friturtoons)
  6. Mudkip The Really Useful Pokemon (Friturtoons)


  • Distributed by USA Home Entertainment.

Opening Previews

  • Macrovision logo
  • FBI Warning
  • USA Home Entertainment logo
  • Friturtoons VHS/DVD Collection promo
  • Friturtoons Productions logo
  • Dexter's Laboratory intro

Closing Previews

  • Friturtoons outro
  • USA Home Entertainment logo (still, with no sound)

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Top: Tigger
  • Bottom: Tigger and Roo from "Tigger and The Hot Air Balloon"

Back Cover

  • Mandark from "Babe Sitter"
  • Timmy talking to Mark from "Take and Fake"

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