Thebeckster1000's version of "HERCULES"


  • Bagheera as Zeus
  • Miss Kitty as Hera
  • Young Shere Kahn as Young Hercules
  • Friar Tuck as Hermes
  • Cat R. Waul as Hades
  • Rabbit as Phil
  • Gopher as Painter
  • Strech Mahra & Marina Del Ray as Fates
  • Chula as Pain
  • Kaa as Panic
  • Gadget Monterey Jack Scrooge Viper & Pooh as Townsflowk
  • Lambert as Baby Hercules
  • Tigress as Meg (Michaelsar12isback already Fox as Megara in Skunkules)

& last but not least

  • Tigger as Adult Hercules

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