Tillie and the Magic Railroad is a Tillie/Thomas and the Magic Railroad FL parodie made by BrittalCroftFan.


  • Tillie as Thomas
  • Pete as Henry
  • Fransworth as Gordon
  • Jebedia as James
  • Toby as Himself
  • Georgia as Percy
  • Chip as Lady
  • Diesel [from TTTE] as Diesel 10
  • Splatter and Dodge as Themselves
  • Thomas [from TTTE] as Mr Conductor
  • Rollo the Clown as Patch
  • Cadpig [from 101 dalmations] as Lilly
  • and more


Quote 1:

  • Tillie: Oh Pingu! Are you all right?
  • Pingu: Yes Tillie but sometimes everything happens at once. I have to see Mrs. Percival to get my orders right away. Journey from the Antartica Farm just keep bening bumper and bumper.
  • Tillie: Does it? (Pingu blows his whistle) Diesel is back Pingu. You better be careful.
  • Pingu: Mrs. Percival warns me about Diesel. Don't worry Tillie. I'll just pop in and out with my sparkle and whatever he goes I'll keep him in order. I hope.

Quote 2:

  • Tillie: Pingu. But what happen to your sparkle?
  • Pingu: I don't know Tillie. I guess I'll just have to sleep on that.
  • Tillie: On your sparkle?
  • Pingu: No Tillie. I have a problem. What happen to it?
  • Georgia: Oh but Pingu. Without your sparkle or the lost engine, you can't travel and not helping us anymore.
  • Pingu: I'll solve the problem. You can get some sleep now.
  • Georgia: Easy for you to say.

Quote 3:

  • Skarloey: Smiles you steamers. It is a sunny day.
  • Percy: It's not sunny because Pingu it's not at the Willmill. I look.
  • Tillie: I think his sparkle is all gone.
  • Stanley: My Smokebox doesn't fell sunny. It's stuff up.
  • Thomas: Nasty funice for an dincgty diesel.
  • Stanley: A diesel is after the lost bird.
  • Toby: And if he finds him...I fell that he'll destory us all.
  • Thomas: What even the important engine is big as me?!
  • Toby: Yes Thomas even you.
  • Tillie: [Sneezes]
  • Percy: Don't spary us Tillie.
  • Tillie: I still got sneezy purril up my funnel. Now I need to go look for Pingu.
  • Toby: Let's us get back to work. That what he wants.
  • Skarloey: How about a race Tillie?
  • Tillie: I'am sorry Skarloey. I can't today.I have to be a really useful engine and solve some mystery insted.
  • Skarloey: I guess that means I win!
  • Tillie: Perhapes another day.

Opening Credits

Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures presents a JoesphcCl93 film Peter Funda Mara Wilson Aledc Baldwin as Pingu and Tillie the Little Engine Tillie and the Magic Railroad Directed by JoesphcCl93

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