Disney Cast: Anna as Emily the Corpse Bride Flynn Rider as Victor Van Dort Carlotta as Nell Van Dort Maurice as William Van Dort Rapunzel as Victoria Everglot Lady Tremaine as Maudeline Everglot Percival McLeach as Finis Everglot Dr.Facilier as Lord Barkis Grandmother Fa as Hidegarde Yao as Mayhew Timon as Paul Genie as Bonejangles Archimedes Porter as Emil Rafiki as Elder Gutknecht Queen Ant as Ms.Plum Scamp as Scraps Olaf as Maggot Nala as Black Widow Disney Lions as Spider Sir Hiss as General Bonesapart Prince John as General Wellington Clopin as Town Crier Dodo as Albert The Archdeacon as Pastor Galswells And more...

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