How He Found GAJ

Timbo, being in Adelaide, Australia, along with half the population had no idea about the problem brewing in the United States over the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Hot Coffee scandal. Until somebody placed a prank email to Jack Thompson which set the Sims 2 = Kiddy Porn 'scandal' into motion. Upon learning of this, Supercow posted a topic about this on a Legend of Zelda Social Board. A curious Timbo wandered into the topic and nearly died laughing at the failed logic of Mr Thompson on numerous occassions. At a later date, Supercow struck again by posting a link to the Jack Attack Board, where "They set up an alliance against this nutball". Timbo followed the link, and saw that a forum was being published on Free Forum World. Timbo registered, and hasn't looked back since.

His Time on GAJ

During his time on GAJ, Timbo has been relativley quiet but always ready to put in some effort for the worthy cause of ending Jack Thompsons misguided judgement. Throughout his time on GAJ, Timbo has graced the community with several photoshopped Thompson-centric images, desinged solely for satarical purposes.

Photoshop works


Joke 'ID' card for the Faulty Logic league


When the whole 'Ban-Man' thing came out


A Yu-Gi-Oh! Card manipulated to be Jack Text of the card is:

Immeadiatly after attacking, Jack Thompson switches to defence mode. When Jack Thompson is attacked while in Attack Mode, Jack Thompson will counter with a crappy comeback.

ATK/ 500 DEF/ 0


A spoof on Batman and Robin, starring Banman and CAPin, owner of

Personality Traits

What Users Think of Timbo

  • "****! You ****ing ****! Why the **** did you ****ing do that?!?!" -User on GameFAQs
  • Ahh, a fellow Aussie! Anyone who is Aussie is an instant win. Great poster. - Matt44au

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