The TimeDancer series are a television movie series involving fourteen teenage mutants and their adventures throughout space and time through the Phoenix Gate.

Main Characters

  • Mike Morningstar: A young mutant and leader of the group. He has the ability to absorb energy and use it for flight, super strength, super durability, and to fire destructive energy blasts.
  • Alan Albright: An African-American boy who is capable of shooting fireballs, super strength and flight. He says he hates flying and kind of stinks at it.
  • Andy and Mandy: Twin brother and sister. Andy is capable of taking on the properties of any solid object he touches while Mandy is capable of energy manipulation. She can create energy constructs for nearly any purpose, usually creating platforms to levitate herself (and others), beams to grab enemies, and circular blasts to knock enemies back.
  • Kai Green: Kai is a Native American girl who is also a mutant. She is capable of regeneration, shooting fireballs and controlling plant life.
  • JT and Cash: JT and Cash are two young mutants who were bullies at their school. JT is capable of stretching himself and shapeshifting while cash is capable of flying at the speed of sound and producing neuroshock blasts.
  • Tiffany: Tiffany is a private school girl who is a mutant and one of the fourteen mutants take into the Phoenix Gates time vortex. Tiffany is capable of duplication and producing sonic blasts.
  • Todd Maplewood: Todd is a country boy mutant who is capable of turning himself into a large dinosaur-like creature with tremendous strength.
  • Phil: Phil is a genius mutant who is capable of producing force fields and electrical energy bursts with his mind.
  • Camille Mann: Camille is a mutant who is capable of passing through solid objects, insibility, freezing objects and flight.
  • Pinky and Missy: Two juvenile mutants who were among the mutant who flew through the phoenix gates time vortex. Pinky is nearly indestructible and capable of absorbing energy and redirecting it as a destructive energy blast. Missy is capable of superhuman agility, sticking to walls and shooting webbing.
  • Joey: A female biker gang mutant who is capable of firing quills from her back and can will them to have with either paralyzing or tranquilizing effects.

Other Characters


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