Time Chä is a Time-Based division of Chä-Mata. Below is a description of the Time Chä powers.

To control Time Chä, you must has either Black, White, Yellow, or Blue Alignment and be in the Intellect, Hero, Corrupt, or Supernatural class. Time Chä is in the Magnus class, and therefore EXTREMELY difficult. If attempting to use powers be aware that they may backfire and kill you.


Here are various powers that can be used by Time Chäotics.


  • Time-Loop: Makes it so that the enemy is unable to escape a certain period of time. From the outside of the Time-Loop it looks as if the person trapped inside is merely repeating that moment of his life over and over.
  • Time-Age: Will advance the age of a being beyond it's natural speed. For example, someone could age twenty years in just five seconds.
  • Time-Decay: Will advance the age of an inanimate object beyond it's natural speed. For example: A solid wall could age five-hundred years and crumble in mere seconds.


  • Time-Repair: Reverse time to repair inanimate objects. For example, shattered glass will fly back together.
  • Time-Heal: Reverses time to heal organic beings. This is extremely dangerous because if you use it wrong the being will become younger than he should be or simply go past his birth and fade into nothing.


  • Butterfly Effects: Alters a past event slightly to produce desired outcomes. (Ex: could cause a piece of paper to fall in turn causing an enemy's parents never to meet). Can slightly change something in time causing a complete paradox OR altering the current timeline. Is highly dangerous because, if you create a paradox it will destroy you and everyone else involved. This power has been known to kill people who use it due to the fact that most people don't have the power necessary to create a Butterfly Effect and kill themselves through over exertion.
  • Time-Trap: Despite it's name, a Time-Trap is actually OUTSIDE of time, meaning that someone can only be in the trap for a few seconds but come out at the year 216754. Time-Traps are small white rooms outside of time created by the Time Chäotic, and will often absorb the wrong person. Millions of Time Chäotics have been trapped inside their own Time-Traps unable to escape.


  • Stop: Can freeze time for all but the user. Often people freeze time and cannot unfreeze it. Any other Time Chäotic can enter a time freeze, and see anyone that is in the freeze. You can also freeze time INSIDE a Stop.
  • Haste: Slows down time around the user. It appears to outsiders as if the user has become super fast and it appears as if everyone else is in slow motion to the user.
  • Slow: Speeds up time around the user. To outsiders it appears as if the user is in slow-motion, to the user it appears as if time has suddenly sped-up.
  • Time-Fields: Haste, Stop, and Slow can be created as fields too. For example, a Haste Field would slow time for anyone that enters it.

Environmental Effects

The signature power for Time Chä is Stop, and it is bearly affected by the environment. The Time Chäotic can choose if he wishes to turn the effect on or off. Here is a list of effects:

  • Fire Area: Fire, Lava, and related substances move during the stop.
  • Water Area: Water moves during the stop.
  • Air Area: Storms, clouds, wind, and tornadoes move during the stop.
  • Ice Area: Snow, Ice, and avalanches still move during the stop.
  • Stone Area: Sand and Rock still move during the stop.
  • Earth Area: Terrain still shifts during the stop.
  • Metru-Nui: Protodermis Chutes still move during the stop.

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