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Between Creation and Jesus, How long?

From previous Geneologies (Pre and Post flood to Abraham) the age to this point is 2040 years.

In mathew 1 it states that there were 42 generations between Abraham and Jesus, Giving an average of 40 years from birth to first child (A conservative estimate) would give the total length from Creation to Jesus as being 3726 years. This puts the age of the eath as we see it now (in 2007) as being 5313 years in total.

  • Pre-flood: 1556
  • Post-Flood:490
  • Abraham to Jesus:1260 (an estimate)
  • Jesus to now:2007


Varying the age between first child (between Abraham and Jesus) gives us a total age of

  • 20 years:4893
  • 30 years:5313
  • 40 years:5733
  • 50 years:6153

Any more or less would be silly.

[Author Note] This is a guess likely to hint at the time origins of creation, people who have spent their life's work on this however come up with a date of 6011, which seems a sensible date to use. Here however is the proof that this date works as far as the bible is concerned]

--Robert 08:50, 16 December 2007 (UTC)

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