• Blane gets caught.
  • Go after Sekiji.
  • Max tries to kill Deimos, fails.
  • They go after someone else, Deimos gets shot. Goes to the hospital.
  • Dogtag. They go under investigation at the police station, Deimos ends up living with Blane in the shack for awhile. Blane hears some things about Blue Light in Deimos' nightmares.
  • They go after Liza, they talk, she gets pardoned.
  • Max goes after Deimos, twice.
  • Deimos goes back to Liza, she shoots Dei after he shoots Blane. Jack comes, helps them to the hospital. The contract runs out while they're in the hospital.
  • They go after Max when they get better; he buckles and tries to give away information in exchange for his freedom; like before with Dei.
  • Either Max goes to jail, or they go after who he squeels on. Dei gets an apartment with that money.
  • Blane tries to hang around the Hitchenson's Diner ( What? They're Toulin. Is the Police Station in Toulin, too? I don't think it should be the same town – but not super far away from Toulin.) He learns about Duane. ((-- Police station is in Toulin. Maybe Diner is in Dorsey or Isendan instead ))
  • Blane, since he's out of the contract, goes on a assignment by himself. He gets in a bunch of trouble. He calls Deimos to help, but Deimos doesn't answer his phone because he's too busy having drunken sex with his girlfriend.
  • More of Deimos getting really drunk.
  • They go after someone who works in BlueLight. Or for some reason they run into Ebon. Maybe he gives the Police Station some money? (( No. )) He might have been watching Dei since he caught Blane – it was in all the papers around there. Dei freaks out when he's with Ebon, or when he hears about it.
  • Dei hides out in his apartment for a while, Blane tries to talk with him about everything. Deimos spills his guts (or at least the bits and pieces he can remember) about BlueLight.
  • Blane goes to talk to Ebon alone to figure things out, see how he knows Deimos. We need to figure out better how they find more out about BlueLight. (( Yeah, we do. ))
  • Somehow Blane connects Deimos to Duane, they live in the Hitchenson's house for a while.
  • Deimos tries to kill himself, Blane helps him so that he doesn't.
  • Ebon probably figures out they're snooping after a while, maybe he snatches them up. He tries to get Deimos to join back up. Maybe right after the suicide attempt, so he sort of does convince him. Somehow, it sort of looks like Dei dies. (( He at least "disappears", if not completely dying)) Blane sort of thinks that he doesn't.
  • Blane goes back to the Hitchenson's (Back to their home?)

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