21st Century

September 8th 2012 
Earth builds its first Arcology known as the Gateway.
August 4th 2015 
VersaLife laboratories are established throughout the United States.
January 7th 2016 
Dan Carson is born in Manhattan.
March 2nd 2018 
First Orbital Habitat is established, known as the Washington Space Hotel.
October 14th 2018 
Jayne Wilde is born in Brooklyn.
April 8th 2019 
World War III begins.
July 8th 2020 
Holographic Habitats are established throughout the United States in order to protect the creatures of Austrailia, Africa, South America, Europe, North America and Asia.
August 25th 2021 
Major Cities in Africa, Asia and Europe are destroyed, 60 Million Refugees flee for the United States.
September 7th 2022 
United States enters World War III.
December 4th 2022 
Children begin disappearing in the NYC, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC Areas.
May 31st 2023 
World War III ends
March 4th 2024 
Ireland is unified after three months of "terrorism".
May 8th 2024 
French people form resistance movement against tyrannical French leader Berenice Javert.
August 27th 2024 
Cairo laboratory begins to find a cure for cancer.
April 24th 2025 
Germany faces civil war.
March 8th 2026 
Streets of New York City no longer are safe due to turf war between River Kings and Tiber Street Tigers.
June 7th 2026 
Turf War ends due to small gang.
August 23rd 2026 
The United States launches its first manned mission to mars.
October 27th-November 1st 2032 
The VersaLife Riots ensue.
December 4th 2033 
Cairo is infested by a mutation plague that causes humans to degenerate into primal aggressive beings referred to as "Darkseekers" who have a painful intolerance to UV radiation, forcing them to hide in buildings and other dark places during the day.
September 5th 2036 
DNA Recombinants form their own communities in sewers.
December 30th 2036 
The hovercar started to be used by the general public on Earth.
October 9th 2037 
The Charybdis leaves earth to explore outside the Sol System.
March 18th 2040 
The first colony on Mars is established.
February 20th 2042 
The Collapse begins after the Aquaris Rotary is destroyed.
August 27th 2044 
Earth makes its first contact with alien lifeforms after a spacecraft crashes on Earth.
January 7th 2047 
The Hermosa Earthquake strikes the western coastline of North America, causing parts of the city of Los Angeles to sink under 200 meters of water.
April 7th 2047 
Earth starts transporting Alien Immigrants to Earth.
September 17th 2048 
The collapse ends. The WTO starts building enclaves and arcologies over old city states.
August 5th 2053 
Venus colonies are established.
The Knight Templar are formed.
The Templars start attacking aliens, non-human aborigines and genetically engineered humans, templars declared enemies of the Earth and the entire Sol system.
July 8th 2061 
First Solar Farms are established on Venus.
February 28th 2063 
Mediterranean Sea is used as a large hydroelectric plant used to generate energy for Earth.
April 5th 2064 
Humans discover sentient creatures in England known as Fiskerton Phantoms.
July 3rd 2065 
Discovery of new species of luminescent frog named Cameroon Flashlight Frog.
August 18th 2066 
Discovery of wolf-like sentients in the Inuit region, named Amaroks.
October 1st 2067 
The space probe Nomad 18 is launched.
October 15th 2067 
Lunar colonies established on the Moon.
December 8th 2067 
Several bases and mining installations are installed in the Asteroid belt.
June 5th 2068 
Jupiter moon of Ganymede is terraformed and made into a nature preserve, Arks begin transporting animals from Earth to Ganymede.
October 24th 2069 
Electron Barrier is placed around Ganymede to protect the Wildlife.
November 17th 2069 
Saturns moon of Titan
approximate 2069 
Earths war with the Inkersian Empire begins.
March 26th 2070 
Earth establishes its presence in most of the Sol system by then.
November 13th 2072 
Bots are starting to be used for Security, Cleaning and other purposes.
November 22nd 2073 
Alien Rights Movement begins.
May 20th 2074 
Earth-Inkersian War ends with the Inkersians defeated and scattered working a mercenaries.
November 7th 2075 
Earth begins to establish colonies in Betelgeuse, Rigel, Bellatrix, Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka.
June 23 2078 
Earth establishes colonies in Alpha Centauri and Aliens Recieve basic human rights.
March 27 2079 
U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico become states.
October 24th 2081 
Earth establishes colonies on Castor system and Pollux.
March 27th 2082 
Dan Carson dies of cancer in his sleep.
November 20th 2086 
Jayne Wilde dies of radiation poisoning.
November 4th 2088 
the first African American women president (Sarah Susan Eckert is elected.
May 13th 2090 
The The Orpheus Mining Colony on Luna is established.
September 24th 2093 
The "Darkseekers" take to living in the dark shadows of Old Cairo.
February 12th 2097 
The Illuminati are revealed and thrown from power, becoming merely a crime syndicate.

22nd Century

January 10th 2102 
Generational run Cargo ships are used by the Earth Cargo Authority.
August 28th 2103 
Colonies established in Regulus, Denebola and Wolf 359.
February 11th 2104 
Earth establishes contact with the Galvan species.
May 8th 2105 
The Martian Massacre occurs when the Knights Templar attack Utopia Plantia and the "Alien Sympathizers"
October 29th 2111 
Mining Facilities are established on Mars' polar icecap.
December 4th 2112 
Earth establishes colonies in Spica and Ross 128.
Earth establishes colonies in Antares
Colonies established in Barnard's Star, Arcturus, Sirius, Vega, Deneb, Tau Ceti system and Epsilon Eridani.
Io is turned into a prison in which the prisoners have to work in the mines. Lunaport becomes a Port-of-Call.
Survey ships HMS Lord Nelson and SS Seattle are launched.

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