21st Century

February 6th: World War III begins.
  • April 16th: The USA begins its first manned mission to Mars and discover the ruins of an old fortress.
  • October 4th: Eastern Coalition Attacks most of Asia and Europe, millions flee to USA for refuge.
August 8th: World War III ends in USA Victory.
  • September 11th: Group of Rogue scientists create DNA recombinant lifeforms from kidnapped babies.
  • November 18th: Scientists caught and imprisoned for life.
July 15th: Invention of the Hover car
  • August: Invention of the Transporter and Laser Weapons.
  • September 8th: Refuge sectors are created throughout the United States.
March 9th: Two New Yorker Gangs (The Hellions and The Skulls) start a riot in the Refuge Sector of the cities, with only the Trolls (another gang) to protect them.
  • March 11th: The Police Storm the building and kill most of the Hellions and Skulls and only two Troll brothers.
  • September 9th: Ireland becomes whole again.
  • October 18th: The Scottish War for independence begins.
January 7th: Mexico and Canada join the United States and their own territories and states become states in the USA.
  • April 9th: Scotland and Wales win their independence from Britain.
  • June 8th: Hunt begins for Knights Templar (a terrorist organization dedicated to "freeing" North Africa from the USA) begins.
February 18th: The Knights Templar are all caught.
  • December 31st: Hyper Drive is invented and launched.
January 18th: Terraforming stations established on Venus.

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