This is the timeline of most of the fan fiction. If you prefer not to use the timeline, that's okay. These are the pages that I wish are made.- H*bad

  • If more than one event happens in a year, the earliest go at the top and the latest go at the bottom.
  • If the event you place here happens in a certain fanstuff, make a link to the fanstuff, next to it.

Year -1000

  • The Universe is created.
  • The Dochans are the first creatures to be alive.

Year 12

  • Castas is born on the planet Dochan.

Year 15

  • Perdix is born on the planet Regaht.

Year 23

Year 34

Year 37

  • The Solar War ends. Castas and Perdix are presumed dead.
  • Leader gets transported to the future. (War)

Year 51

The Ant was born. (Ant's adventure)

Year 67

  • A Glump is brought to the City Zoo.

Year 77

  • Antono and Castas move to Earth.
  • Perdix adopts a new disguise and moves to Earth.

Year 82

Year 83

Year 180

Year 200

Year 350

Year 400

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