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         THE FIRST ERA

This was the time when the human species was confined to their original homeworld of the planet Earth

          THE SECOND ERA

This was the time when humans invented gravity-control tech, allowing them to promote space travel and artificial gravity onboard spaceships and stations. This was also the time of the invention of nuclear-fusion power, which provided cheap electrical power and made it easier for spaceships to travel interplanetary distances. Genetic engineering and cloning of humans and other lifeforms, and artificial intelligence for robots and computers also emerged during this time. The terraforming of the planets Venus and Mars began during this period, but they would not achieve Earth-like conditions until early in the Third Era. The Second Era lasted anywhere from five centuries to over two millennia.

         THE THIRD ERA

Venus and Mars achieved Earth-like conditions, but A.I. robots and computers rose up to politically dominate the planet Earth and subjegate the organic people (humans both baseline and genetically altered as well as human-animal hybrids) on Earth. Also during this time, the invention of the time-dilation drive, which allowed spaceships to travel at 99.9999 percent the speed of light by reaching nearby stars and their worlds in mere Earth days while years passed by in the surrounding universe. The colonization of solar systems outside Earth's own system ocuured. This Third Era would last from three to 35 centuries.


Beginning on the planet Mercury, the various nations and city-states on that world were united by the Imperial Year 1 in the Empire of the Solar Throne, whose ruler was a genetically-enhanced human possessing super strength and Einstein-like intellect. The Empire of the Solar Throne would expand over the next few centuries to establish territories and outposts across Earth's solar system and even into other solar systems. The current year is Imperial Year 544.

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