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The Timeline of the land of Kyraath is as follows

100 - The Prime Elementals (Fira, Shivra, Golumia, Exodia) travel from Silvila, and discover the land of Kyraath and claim it for their home.

435 - Human tribes unite under the banner of Quilestane

523 - Ork's merge to form Orkensire

860 - Quilestane lands on the SE shore of Kyraath

865 - Orkensire discoves the SW shore of Kyraath

900 - Human Ork war rises to dominate Kyraath

1284 - Alliance between Quilestane and Silvila forms.

1285 - Orkensire allies with the rouge Elementals

1400 - Godsholme declaired a safezone from the conflict.

1535 - Quilestane Begins a campaign for the Erradication of Magic, Orkensire follows

1536 - Silvila pulls from alliances on both sides and declairs war on humans and ork's

1792 - Agealia discoved in the Great Forests of Kyraath, taken to a Human - Ork research center

1800 - PRESESNT -Campaign by Silvila forms to retreave Agealia

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