This is a timeline of the Jumpweb of the Known Universe. Years marked B.R. stand for Before Republic, the time before the foundation of the United Republic of Earth. Years marked N.E. or New Era, the time when the United Republic of Earth exists.

30,000-10,000 B.R.-era of time when the Progenitors are active in the Known Universe, including the creation of the jumpgates allowing other races to engage in F.T.L. space flight. Toward the end of this period, the Progenitors start their intraracial, genocidal civil war, create the aritificially intelligent, robotic Golems, and help to spread the Kao Tun, Arvi, Vilaki, Keiki, and the ancestors of the variant human races across the Known Universe.

10,000 B.R.-last of Progenitors die off as result of civil war, leaving behind the Golems and the jumpgates.

10,000-5000 B.R.-Golems consolidate their rule over large portion of the jumpweb, and rule benevolently over many aliens including Kao Tun, variant humans, Vilaki, and Keiki. During this same time, bulk of Arvi race develops into their now-familiar "space gypsy" culture by normally wandering the Known Universe, using starships and jumpgates. They often trade with non-Arvi, on-world populations, but sometimes raid them, leading to some armed conflicts with the Golems.

4125-B.R.-Horseheads on Horoko start to convert from worship of Old Gods and embrace the teachings of certain prophets in worship of monotheistic Unconquered Sun, the precursor of the Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun.

3400-3000 B.R.-unification of Horoko under single Horsehead Empire with a common monarch, the First Citizen, and aristocrats descendent from rulers of old Horsehead nations.

2999 B.R.-Horsehead Empire unites all Unconquered Sun worshippers into single, official Solar Church of Unconquered Sun.

2453 B.R.-Horseheads discover jumpgate in own solar system.

2400 B.R.-first contact between Horsehead Empire and Golems and Golem-controlled space.

2375 B.R.-approximate date of beginning of division of Solar Church into Orthodox and Greater Vehicle sects.

1717 B.R.-Horseheads discover homeworld of Rikiari.

300 B.R.-Organization of United God Movement.

34 B.R.-invention by humans on Earth of artificial intelligence for robots and computers.

1 N.E.-United Nations organizes nations of Earth into United Republic of Earth.

106 N.E.-organization of Cyber Guild to promote rights of A.I. machines on Earth.

345 N.E.-discovery of Progenitor-built jumpgate at edge of Earth's solar system.

666 N.E.-first contact between United Republic of Earth and Golem-controlled space.

821 N.E.-first contact between United Republic of Earth and the Horsehead Empire.

985 N.E.-members of variant human races gain equal rights with "normal" humans in United republic of Earth.

1000-2000 N.E.-human-supremacist movements slowly but surely rise over the next millinium promoting racist notion that "normal" humans are racially and morally superior to variant human races, A.I. machines, and aliens.

1001 N.E.-organization of Council of Non-Human Sentients in United Republic of Earth to represent interests and rights of alien, non-human races.

1607 N.E.-leading interplanetary/interstellar corporations of United Republic of Earth unite into Interplanetary Merchant League.

2298 N.E.-Rebellion on Severus Primus against United Republic of Earth and in favor of human supremacy begins the rise of the aristocratic Mantis Lords.

2786 N.E.-rebellion in Mantis Lord space begins due to dissident nobles diasaffected with their aristocratic body's racist and anti-democracy politics. Origins of House Lionheart.

2976 N.E.-Cyber Guild and Council of Non-Human Sentients via constitutional amendment gain right to appoint senators to United Republic of Earth's Senate.

3000 N.E.-present time

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