this timeline of the New Universe is a continuation of the timeline of the Known Universe (see Jumpweb of the Known Universe) Click here to return to main page of Jumpweb of the New Universe.

3005-3150 N.E.-Horsehead Empire plunged into civil war over rival royal bloodlines disputing who represents legitiment First Citizen. By 3150 N.E., the Horsehead Empire has divided into two rival Empires: the Horoko Empire, with it's capital on the Horseheads racial homeworld of Horoko, and the Independent Horsehead Empire, which contains more worlds and solar systems than the Horoko Empire.

3112 N.E.-on Earth, capital of the United Republic of Earth, moderate and liberal elements of the United God Movement and Greater Vehicle sects of the Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun officially merge into a new Church of the True God of the Unconquered Sun. This leaves conservatives in charge of the official United God Movement and Orthodox in charge of the Solar Church. (See also religion in the New Universe.)

3117-3145 N.E.-space under House Lionheart rule ends up in a three-way war as extremists of Radical Party wanting a republic, the orthodox Lionheart nobles, and Mantis Lord invaders all battle each other for control of Lionheart space. The United Republic of Earth, Arvi space nomads, and the Interplanetary Merchant League all intervene by year 3140 N.E. to help gain control of Lionheart space that has not already fallen to Mantis Lord control. The remaining rulers of House Lionheart, including the abdication of the last Prince and Princess and dissolution of the House of Aristocrats, agree to the merger of the remainder of Lionheart space that has not already fallen to the Mantis Lords with the United Republic of Earth. The Radical Party and the Red and Blue Parties remain as political forces in former Lionheart space as it is absorbed into the United Republic. The United Republic's Senate adds the 250 elected seats of the old House of Commons to it's already current 1250 senators to represent the former Lionheart worlds. (see also powers in the New Universe.)

3190 N.E.-Interplanetary Merchant League signs agreement with Golems and Independent Horsehead Empire to form a Corporate Sector under League control of portions of the jumpweb until then under political control of Golems and Independent Horsehead Empire to help bolster the economies of the planets and solar systems in said section of the Known Universe.

3200-3225 N.E.-rebellions in Mantis Lord space by Horseheads (see Horseheads outside the Horsehead Empire), variant human races, Kao Tun, Rikiari, Arvi, Vilaki, Keiki, and even dissidents among so-called "normal" humans help to destabilize Mantis Lord rule. Taking advantage of the distractions, joint invasions by United Republic of Earth, Horoko Empire, and Independent Horsehead Empire, aided internally by dissident elements in Mantis Lord ranks and the Krypteia secret police, ends the empire of the Mantis Lords by year 3225 N.E.

3229 N.E.-treaty between United Republic of Earth, Horoko Empire, Independent Horsehead Empire, and Interplanetary Merchant League causes the former worlds of the Mantis Lords to become part of the Corporate Sector or become independent worlds (see Minor powers).

3235 N.E.-the present.

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