First Age

  • The Oscarknowledge system is unknowingly founded by Miss Campbell.
  • Black-and-white timeless classics are made, such as King Kong.

Second Age

  • Elizabeth Kennedy and siblings born.

Third Age

  • Nicholas, David, Scott and Johanne Jeffrey born.
  • Murray Nicholls born.
  • Hit cartoons appears such as Super Friends appear.

Fourth Age

  • Oscar Nicholls, Ralph Nicholls and sibling Elizabeth born.
  • Play School celebrates its 40th anniversary.
  • The Campbells and World Trip become popular.
  • Oscar finds a job as a journalist.

Fifth Age

  • Elizbeth Nicholls and Rowan Baldwin marry.
  • Oscar begins studying religion at Macquarie University.
  • Ralph's children come to Divinitation Church for a visit.

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