Setting up the Timetable

The initial stage is here: on the Wiki. Participants should put down possible discussion topics/talks/workshop ideas and possible times. Other participants should alter these as they see fit. On the morning of the conference this wiki will be 'locked', and the timetable (such as it is) will then be moved onto the conference noticeboard, in the Municon itself. During the opening hour and a half, participants will be invited to write their name and session topic on a large piece of paper (A4 or 8.5x11), which will be posted on the noticeboard. Once all the sessions have been posted, those leading the sessions may adjust them. 'Timetabling' will be communal and democratically agreed upon.

Of course these things are up to participants. However, we might suggest that speeches and talks give plenty of time for question and answer sessions and discussions following on from them. We see the discussion and social aspects of this workshop as being as important as the formal talks.

Please note that the room is big, and the numbers coming are (comparatively) small. Therefore there is no problem with having more than one talk/workshop/presentation/discussion going on at the same time. If there is a timetabling conflict, we suggest that the people involved get together and decide to either reschedule one or both of the presentations or else to have them both run at the same time.

Timetable (Provisional)

(NOTE: as we have access to a fairly large room it is not a problem to have more than one 'thing' going on at the same time).

                            20th February 2008. 

8.30 AM. Coffee, 2 minute self-introduction of each participant (what you're doing, interests, etc.), posting of names and topics on noticeboard, brief introduction to the anticipated themes of the conference by Brendan Wallace etc.

10:00 AM, Michael Wheeler, Talk, 60 minutes incl. discussion. Title: Fixing Heideggerian AI

11.30 AM, Susan Stuart Presentation, 15 / 20 minutes followed by lively discussion

12.30 Lunch

2:00 PM Max Velmans, Talk, 60 minutes incl. discussion

3:30 PM Andrej Lucny: brief talk with the title: "Can information entropy help to formalize cognition (to evaluate particular models)?" and discussion.

4:15 PM Fred Cummins, Talk and discussion: Beyond the Individual (or how we might forge links between approaches to mind which take the subjective world seriously, and those which don't). I guess 60 mins including discussion?

                           21st February, 2008. 

9:30 AM, Pavel Petrovic, Talk, 60 minutes incl. discussion

10:30 AM Juan Escasany, Talk, 35 minutes incl. discussion

12:30 AM Lunch

3:00 PM 'Bringing it together': roundtable discussion on emergent themes and 'what comes next'.

All talks are scheduled for roughly half an hour, although this may, of course, change, depending on how people feel.

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