• Timmy as Thomas
  • Uncle Willy (from PAC-MAN) as Edward
  • Tinky Winky (from Teletubbies) as Henry
  • Dipsy (from Teletubbies) as Gordon
  • Noo Noo (from Teletubbies) as James
  • Paxton as Percy
  • Blinky (from PAC-MAN) as Toby
  • Clyde (from PAC-MAN) as Duck
  • Donald and Douglas as Himselves
  • Inky (from PAC-MAN) as Oliver
  • Mittens as Emily
  • Finlay as Rosie
  • Bill and Ben as Himselves
  • Ruffy as Diesel
  • Apricot as Daisy
  • Pinky (from PAC-MAN) as Mavis
  • Geo (from Team Umizoomi) as Skarloey
  • Bot (from Team Umizoomi) as Rheneas
  • Huckle Cat (from The Busytown of Richard Scarry) as Sir Handel
  • UmiCar (from Team Umizoomi) as Peter Sam
  • Rusty as Himself
  • Duncan as Himself
  • Duke as Himself
  • Mario (from Super Mario Bros) as Stepney
  • Wario (from Super Mario Bros) as D199
  • Diddy Kong (from Super Mario Bros) as Culdee
  • Little Dog Fido (from Boohbah) as Bertie
  • PAC-MAN (from PAC-MAN) as Terence
  • Kevin (from Ed, Edd n Eddy) as Harold
  • Yabba and Stripy as Annie and Clarabel
  • Oscar (from Sesame Street) as Scruffey
  • Emily, Rosie and Belle (from TTTE) as Ada, Jane and Mabel
  • Harry Monster (from Sesame Street) as Fred Pelhay

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