• Timmy the Tooth as Richard Tyler
  • Adventure as Himself
  • Fantasy as Himself
  • Horror as Himself
  • Merlys the Magician (Mr. Wisdom) as The Pagemaster
  • Mr. Wisdom as Mr. Dewey
  • Johnny Paste as Alan
  • Bubble Gum as Claire
  • The Shadow Dragon (The Cavity Goon) as Dragon
  • The Cavity Goon as Dr. Jekyll
  • Ms. Sweety as Mr. Hyde
  • Pookey (the Gingivitis Gang Blue Frackle Leader) as Captain Ahab
  • Darol (the Gingivitis Gang's green monster member) as Silver
  • The rest of the Gingivitis Gang as The Pirates
  • Mumfred the Mummy, Rodney the Riddler, and Mumfred's Daddy as Ghosts Story
  • Gil the Grouper as Small Guards
  • Leggs O'Many as The Gaint Squid
  • Brushbrush as Bad Dogs
  • and more

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