Timon is a meerkat and one of Simba's friends from The Lion King. He and Pumbaa took care of Simba and helped him defeat Scar and save the Pride Lands. He is often conceited and boastful, often taking credit for Pumbaa's ideas, but he is, all in all, a true friend.

Counterparts (The Lion King Version)

Counterparts (Timon and Pumbaa Version)

Counterparts (House of Mouse Version)

Counterparts (SpongeBob's New Boat Version)

Attention niels epting WARNING: You may add appropriate counterparts. But, do NOT delete any.


  1. Timon/Thomas
  2. Timon/TUGS
  3. Timon/Barney
  4. Timon/Sesame Street
  5. Timon/Muppets
  6. Timon/Arthur
  7. Timon/Cyberchase
  8. Timon/Wild Kratts
  9. Timon/Zoboomafoo
  10. Timon/Garfield
  11. Timon/Peanuts
  12. Timon/Ice Age
  13. Timon/Alvin and the Chipmunks
  14. Timon/Timmy the Tooth
  15. Timon/Toy Story
  16. Timon/A Bug's Life
  17. Timon/Finding Nemo
  18. Timon/The Incredibles
  19. Timon/Cars
  20. Timon/Planes
  21. Timon/Ratatouille
  22. Timon/WALL-E
  23. Timon/Mario
  24. Timon/Sonic
  25. Timon/Pokemon
  26. Timon/Kirby
  27. Timon/PAC-MAN
  28. Timon/Zelda
  29. Timon/Metal Gear Solid
  30. Timon/Wreck-It Ralph
  31. Timon/Winnie the Pooh
  32. Timon/Dr. Seuss
  33. Timon/Mickey Mouse
  34. Timon/Despicable Me 2 (2013)
  35. Timon/Mega Man X
  36. Timon/Tekken
  37. Timon/Street Fighter
  38. Timon/Fullmetal Alchemist


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