Timon: Welcome to TimonRockz's Talent Show My name is Timon Berkowitz we had a shows and movies Tinky Winky Dipsy Laa-Laa Po Telly Noo-Noo Owl Elmo Grover Big Bird Cookie Monster Zoe Prairie Dawn Rosita Abby Baby Bear Snuffy The Count Stinky Biff Sully Bert Ernie Honker Dinger Po the Panda Baloo Bagheera Young Bambi Robin Hood Skippy Mickey Mouse Leo June Quincy Rocket Alex Marty Melman Gloria King Julien Maurice Mort Mike Sulley Flik Animal Parade Three Boats Tap Dancing Bear Singing Puppet Magical Tree White Pigeons Numtums Drawer from Elmo's World Wally Gator Quick Draw McGraw Marlene Huckleberry Hound Peter Potamus Lippy the Lion Hardy Har Har Yogi Bear Boo-Boo Bear Ding-A-Ling Wolf Big Jet Big Bad Wolf Zazu Barney BJ Baby Bop Riff Uncle Max Danny Rabbits Perry The Platypus (cameo) Tigger and Oliver let's the Show Begin.

Luke Ross: Timon Hi My Name is Luke Ross I'm from JESSIE.

Timon: Well Come Luke Ross Watch.

Tinky Winky: Little Einsteins Numtums Ready.

All: Yeah.

Boo Boo Bear: Hey, somebody kill the light. (Boo Boo heard gun shoots the light)

(Oscar come out of trash can) Oscar: Hello Zazu.

Zazu: Oscar, What are you doing here.

Stinky: Hey Six, Your from Numtums.

Six: Yep.

Stinky: You like Animal Parade from Teletubbies. (Six look at Tigers Penguins Snakes Elephants Flamingos Butterflies Tortoises Giraffes and Frogs)

Six: OK Stinky, Come On Drawer from Elmo's World and Animal Parade Let's get Start It.

Luke Ross: Tinky Winky, Talent Show is Great.

(Tinky Winky nods his head)

Timon: Marlene, Your the otter.

Marlene: Yes I Am.

Mickey Mouse: OK Leo June Quincy Let's Split up OK You Guys are great Cats Don't Dance Characters is Danny.

Danny: Hi.

Mickey Mouse: Danny, what are you doing here.

Grover: Oh Young Bambi, Your the deer.

Young Bambi: A young deer is call fawn.

Flik: I'm from A Bug's Life, My name is Flik.

Barney: Hi Young Bambi.

Young Bambi: Barney, what are you doing here.

Elmo: What going on in here.

Big Bird: Elmo,That's the curtain.

Elmo: OK.

Timon: Wow, I ever seen talent show before

Oscar: Hello Seven, Say your the numtum.

Seven: Yep.

Oscar: Seven, Tell Tinky Winky, Wood on a floor.

Seven: OK.

Tinky Winky: Hello Seven.

Six: Hey Leo June Quincy, Drawer and Animal Parade from Elmo's World and Teletubbies see some levers.

Timon: The talent show is starting.

All: OK.

Six: Hey Drawer, This Hospital is Great.

Drawer: Six, I Not Sure about it.

Six: Drawer Drawer Drawer, Doctor Coats, Let's Grab It.

Drawer: OK.

Six: Nine, What are you doing here.

Nine: Six and Drawer, Nice Doctor Coats.

Drawer: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten, you are animals or creatures, and i'm an animal too.

Super Numtum: Hey Timon, Marlene and Robin Hood, This is Perry, He Phineas's Platypus and um, Right Perry.

Perry: Grrrrrrrr.

Super Numtum: I Think He said Hello.

Oliver: Timon, I don't know you call it Timonrockz, I know i got a know it i know is an empty stomach.

Timon: Relax Oliver.

Oliver: Timon, What's going on.

Timon: Well, I thought i know it.

(Oliver's Stomach Growls)

Timon: What was that

Oliver: That's my stomach growls, I be right back.

(At the hospital)

Six: Drawer, So what i said, Timonrockz is funny, What is so.

Mickey Mouse: Leo, June and Quincy, Where did numtums and drawer go.

Leo: Umm, They at hospital.

(Mickey Mouse calls Numtum One)

Mickey Mouse: Hello One.

One: We're at hospital.

Mickey Mouse: OK.

Skippy: For crying out loud Robin Hood.

Robin Hood: Skippy, Relax Son.

Little John: Hey Skippy.

Skippy: Hey Little John, What are you doing here.

Timon: OK

Skippy: Hey Timon.

Timon: Yes Skippy.

Skippy: I Think my stomach is killing me, Can i have the bathroom.

Timon: Yes Skippy.

Skippy: Thank you Timon.

Pumbaa: Hey Timon.

Timon; Hey Pumb, Pumbaa what are you doing here.

Six: Hmm, Hey Drawer Look.

Drawer: Huh.

Six: Numtums, Look hey Stethoscope.

Drawer: What Stethoscope.

Six: It's listen to my heart.

Oliver: Hey Timon, This is Dodger.

Dodger; Hey Timon, Listen Oliver you good at showing.

Mickey Mouse: OK.

Six: Super Numtum, what are you doing here.

Super Numtum: Psst, over here Six.

(Super Numtum listening Six's Heart with a Stethoscope)

Six: Super Numtum, Did you listen my heart.

Super Numtum: Yes, I Did.

Six: Leo, June and Quincy, have know it is.

June: I don't know.

(Six moves around her chest with a Stethoscope and Six heard her heartbeat)

Six: Did i hear your heartbeat, June.

June: Yes it is.

(Six puts Otoscope in June's Ears)

June: Hehehehehehehe, That Tickles.

(June imagines giggling)

June: Six, What are you doing inside my tummy.

Six: Hmm, There you are plush cow and plush horse, I wonder what happen i press the animal sound.

(Plush Cow moos)

June (giggles): That Tickles!

(Plush Horse neighs)

June (giggles again): That Tickles!

(Fade back to the Present)

June: You're Right, Six, Cow and Horse are animals.

Leo: June, Quincy and Six, We're having fun in the Talent Show.

Timon: Hey, Guys.

All: What is it, Timon.

Timon: An empty side, That's reminds of little sister Annie's not here anymore.

June (sighs): That is not be the same without her.

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