Timon and Pumbaa: Jungle Battlers is a fan series by Manafichu. This series is about Ralph and Eddie trying to get revenge on Timon and Pumbaa with the Eron Star, which was also used to clone the fat version of Timon seen in Brazil Nuts (who later joins the team). Timon and Pumbaa must transform into Tunnel Battler and Dashing Battler and save other Jungle Battlers who were effected by the effects of the Eron Star, which causes Jungle Battlers to turn into Dark Animals when they act negative by claiming they hate their Jungle Battler form or not purifying or breaking their Protector Charm. The first opening theme is Jungle Battler Rescue ~Hope and Dreams~ (for the dub it is We're Jungle Heroes, but the original opening was restored on the DVD), the second opening theme is Transformation! Jungle Battler! (for the dub it is New Hopes, because the series was split into 2 seasons in the dub, and the second season was called "Timon and Pumbaa: Jungle Battlers-New Hopes"


The first episode title is Japanese, second is the English dub title.

1. A surprise! The battle begins!/The Beginning of the Battlers

2. That's sad! The Jungle Battlers Story/Tragic Magic

3. Don't be afraid! The battle of horror!/Battles of Fright

4. Fat Timon doesn't remember being a Dark Animal?/Lost Memories

5. Let's go to the Jungle Battler World! (episode title kept for dub)

6. Save Fat Timon from that Dark Animal World!/A Daring Rescue!

7. An illusion? A Memory Servant came to the Jungle?/An Odd Memory Servant

8. This can't be real? Timon and Fat Timon swap bodies!/A Confusing Swap

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