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Timon: Okay, Pumbaa. Shall we watch TV?

Pumbaa: Sure thing, Timon.

Timon: (turns on the TV) There you go.

Po: (on TV) Eh-Oh, One,

Lala: Eh-Oh, Two,

Dipsy: Eh-Oh, Three,

Tinky Winky: Eh-Oh, Four,

Narrator: Teletubbies,

Timon: I love Teletubbies!

Pumbaa: Me, too!

Narrator: Time For Teletubbies x4,

Tinky Winky: Tinky Winky,

Dipsy: Dipsy,

Lala: Laa-Laa,

Po: Po,

Teletubbies: Eh-Oh!!

Narrator: One day, in Teletubbyland, But what Color, is Teletubby,

Po: The Color is Red,

Narrator: But What Color, is Teletubby,

Lala: The Color is Yellow,

Narrator: Now But What Color, is Teletubby,

Dipsy: The Color is Green,

Timon: Look at that, That's a Beautiful Colors, Is she cute, Pumbaa?!

Pumbaa: Yes, Timon! (laughs)

Timon: (laughs, along with Pumbaa)

Narrator: Okay, But what color, is Teletubby,

Tinky Winky: The Color is Purple,

Narrator: and the Last One, But What Color, Is Vacuum Cleaner,

Noo-Noo: The Color is Blue,

Pumbaa: I'm gonna change the channel. (pushes the button of the remote)

Timon: Let's watch Yogi's Ark Lark instead.

Yogi Bear: Well Hi There, It's Yogi Bear



Air Date

October 5, 2012

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