Timothy Smith
Age 31
Birthdate January 9, 1982
Physical Description
Height 1 foot, 2 inches
Gender Male
Species Human
Partners Dr. Greeny (friend)
Family Thomas Smith (father), Tina Smith (mother), Tina Smith II (sister)

Timothy Smith (born January 9, 1982) is the title character of Timothy's World. He was 12 years old at the premiere of the show, but still looks like a kid and is 31 now. He starred in Charter Cable's commercials for a short while.

Pre-Timothy's World Events

Timothy was born in Cupertino, California in 1982, in which he used his first Apple Computer, the Apple IIGS, at age 5. He moved with his parents to 123 Timothy's World, Illinois in 1991, at age 9. He then met Dr. Greeny at a hospital in 1992, and the 2 became best friends.

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