Timothy's World-Goldfish: Miles Of Smiles is a tour that occured from January 2, 2003-November 2, 2003. This was the second Timothy's World Tour. It was the first time that Timothy's World teamed up for a tour.


In November of 2002, show creator Timothy G. discovered that Goldfish Crackers had worked on a tour called Miles Of Smiles. Then Timothy decided to team up with Goldfish Crackers for their own cross-country tour. In December 21, 2002, the tour was announced to begin on December 31, but they changed to January 2 because of New Years Eve and New Years Day.


The posters from December 2002 originally had Timothy in Goldfish form, being grabbed by a person's hand. In January, the posters featured Timothy and Dr. Greeny riding the Goldfish Mobile, and Tina, Timothy's Sister, running to the beach with a bikini, hoping for her crush, Mack, to be there. But Mack was on the Goldfish Mobile hangin' with Timothy.

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