Timothy Aaron Sweet
PublisherSmoking Cat Productions
First appearanceThe Belch Dimension Comics #3
Created by
The Treehouse Warriors

Timothy Sweet is a fictional boy in the Belch Dimension universe. He is the youngest member of the Sweet family, and brother to Marcie, Jonathan and Ben Sweet. He is most readily identifiable by not only being drawn in the in-house "minimalist" style, but by his round hairless head and propensity to suck his thumb.

Fictional character biography

Tim recieves perhaps the fewest appearances in the series--a fact he himself notes in one issue, saying "the dog got more lines in his last story than I got in three seasons" [1]. Most of what is known about him is seen in flashbacks and cutaways. Despite being only six, he seems to lead a very unusual and checkered personal life which includes pretending to be a girl to audition for Salt 'n' Pepa, gaining an unhealthy amount of weight after eating too much sugar, and seeking psychotherapy, where his shrink told him that no one likes him and advised he commit suicide. He sometimes carries a cigarette lighter with him, as seen in "Belching Jon Malcontent".

Most other characters in the series demonstrate at least a polite acceptance of him, if not completely ignoring his presence altogether; indeed, he is almost background furniture in many early appearances. Only Ben seems to actively resent him, going as far as to demonstrate a physical animosity towards his younger brother, such as punching him in the nose for teasing him ("Little Romeoh-No"), or kicking his crutch out from under him as payback for stealing a gift all the boys had pooled their every penny to buy ("Drift of the Magi"). This owes to the creator's well-known real-life dislike for his youngest brother [1].

Talents and Abilities

Like his brother Ben, Tim adores baseball and professional wrestling. He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of the latter, including specific bouts and each fighter's name and signature moves. He also shows a talent for music, being able to play piano, keyboard, and the harpsichord.

Fictional character biography

Original storyboards for "A Close Shave" included Timmy, but he was replaced by Larry at the last minute during final production.

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