• Kenny as Roddy
  • Katie as Rita
  • Morgan as Le Frog
  • Elliott as The Toad
  • Big Boy as Sid
  • Aladdin as Spike
  • Timmy as Whitey
  • Dark Light as Jessie
  • Loser as Colin
  • Fish as Goldfish
  • The Last Steam as Bullseye
  • Alien as Himself
  • Ollie as Buzz Lightyear
  • Lord Shrinker as Woody
  • Ty as Andy
  • Kevin as Mr. Potato Head
  • Moody as Mrs. Potato Head
  • Tony as Slinky Dog
  • Bean as Rex
  • Benny as Hamm
  • Andy's Mom as Herself
  • Bo Peep as Herself
  • Mania-cant as Lenny (Saying I know to Mania-cant and Lenny for flush in hero or villain for me)
  • Muff as Flik

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