Tintin and the Picaros is one of The Adventures of Tintin, a Series of Comic-Strip Albums, written ad illustrated by Belgian Writer and Cartoonist Herge, featuring Young Reporter Tintin as a Hero.

Tintin et les Picaros is the twenty-third Book in the Series.


Tintin hears in the news that Bianca Castafiore, her maid Irma, Pianist Igor Wagner, Poet Zloty and Thompson and Thomson have been imprisoned in San Theodoros for allegedly attempting to overthrow the Military Dictatorship of General Tapioca, who has yet again deposed Tintin's Old Friend, General Alcazar. Tintin, Calculus, Haddock, Sarcophagus, Euclide, Wolff and Topolino soon are accused themeselves and, travelling to San Theodoros to clear their Names (with the help of Alembick, Walter and Laszlo Carreidas, Kuraki, Dawes, Barnaby, Didi, Skut, Krospell and Baxter who comes with them earlier in the Story), find themselves caught in a Trap laid by their Old Enemies, Colonel Sponsz, who has been sent by the Eastern Bloc Nation of Borduria to assist Tapioca, Roberto Rastapopolous and the Bird Brothers. Sponsz has concocted the conspiracy of which Tintin and his friends are accused in a plot to wreak revenge upon them for humiliating him in The Calculus Affair.

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