Tintin in Tibet (in the original French, Tintin au Tibet) is the twentieth title in the Comic Book Series The Adventures of Tintin, written and drawn by Belgian Cartoonist Herge. The Plot of the Book revolves around the Boy Reporter Tintin who, aided by his Faithful Dog Snowy, Friends Captain Haddock, Thompson and Thomson, Cuthbert Calculus, Dr. Sarcophagus, Professor Euclide, Zloty, Professor Hector Alembick, Didi, Wang Chen-Yee, Barnaby, Herbert Dawes, Professor Topolino, Senhor Oliveira De Figueira, Frank Wolff, Captain Chester Professor Decimus Phostle, Franklin Swartzwelder, Phillippulus the Prophet, the Sherpa Tharkey and lots more, treks across the Himalayan Mountains.

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