• Buster Bunny as BoCo
  • Sonic (from Sonic The Hedgehog) as Rusty
  • Rotor (from Sonic The Hedgehog) as Dennis
  • Knuckles (from Sonic The Hedgehog) as Diesel 10
  • Plucky Duck as Diesel
  • Hamton J. Pig as Derek
  • Bugs Bunny as Salty
  • Furrball as Paxton
  • Hubie (from Looney Tunes) as Den
  • Bertie (from Looney Tunes) as Dart
  • Gogo Dodo as Sidney
  • Axl Gator (From Taz-Mania) as Arry
  • Bull Gator (From Taz-Mania) as Bert
  • Babs Bunny as Mavis
  • Fifi La Fume as Daisy
  • Johnny Pew as The Diesel
  • Vector (from Sonic The Hedgehog) as Norman
  • Daniel Platypus (From Taz-Mania) as Splatter
  • Timothy Platypus (From Taz-Mania) as Dodge
  • Vinnie the Deer as Bear/D7101 (from RWS)
  • Arnold the Pit Bull as Spamcan/D199 (from RWS)
  • Dr. Robotnik (From Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) as Old Stuck-Up (from RWS)
  • Dizzy Devil as 31120 (from RWS)
  • Uncle Stinky Pig as 10751 (from RWS)
  • Buddy Boar (From Taz-Mania) as The Works Diesel (from RWS)
  • Shirley the Loon as Pip (from RWS)
  • Mitzi as Emma (from RWS)
  • E-123 Omega (From Sonic the Hedgehog) as Fred (from RWS)
  • Amigo and Aiai (From Sonic & Sega All-stars Racing) as Blister I and Blister II (from RWS)
  • Mr. Plotz (From Animaniacs) as Frank (from RWS)
  • Wade Pig as Thomas
  • Bookworm as Edward
  • Charlie Dog (From Looney Tunes) as Henry
  • Dr. Gene Splicer as Gordon
  • Montana Max as James
  • Derek the Warthog (From Sonic the Hedgehog) as Percy
  • Captain Squeegee (From Sonic the Hedgehog) as Toby
  • Baloney (From Animaniacs) as Duck
  • Francis X. Bushland (From Taz-Mania) as Oliver
  • Slappy Squirrel (From Animaniacs) as Emily

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