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  • Buster Bunny as Peter
  • Babs Bunny as Lois
  • Elmyra Duff as Meg
  • Furball as Chris
  • Montana Max as Stewie
  • Hampton J. Pig as Brian
  • Plucky Duck as Quagmire
  • Vinnie The Deer as Cleveland
  • Concord Condor as Joe
  • Bugs Bunny as Herbert
  • Fowlmouth as Mort
  • Shirley the Loon as Muriel
  • Calamity Coyote as Neil
  • Arnold the Pitbull as Death
  • Dr. Gene Splicer as Ernie the Giant Chicken
  • Little Beeper as Evil Monkey
  • Johnny Pew as Carter Pewterschmidt
  • Granny (from Looney Tunes) as Barbara Pewterschmidt

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