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Casts for each parody aren't almost always the same, but most likely are Buster as Sonic, Hamton as Tails, and Dr. Gene Splicer as Dr. Robotnik. Here's a list of examples:


  • Sonic - Buster Bunny/Little Beeper/Plucky Duck/Bugs Bunny/Hamton J. Pig/Calamity Coyote/Furrball/Shirley the Loon/Babs Bunny/Fifi La Fume/Sweetie Pie/Gogo Dodo/Fowlmouth/Dizzy Devil/Himself/Thomas (from Thomas and Friends)/Diesel (from Thomas and Friends)/Yakko (from Animaniacs)/Tails (from StH)/Knuckles (from StH)/Ten Cents (from TUGS)
  • Tails - Hamton J. Pig/Little Beeper/Calamity Coyote/Furrball/Gogo Dodo/Plucky Duck/Buster Bunny/Fifi La Fume/Babs Bunny/Sweetie Pie/Shirley the Loon/Dizzy Devil/Himself/Percy (from Thomas and Friends)/Thomas (from Thomas and Friends)/Patch (from 101 Dalimatians)/Sunshine (from TUGS)
  • Sally Acorn - Fifi La Fume/Shirley the Loon/Babs Bunny/Elmrya Duff/Sweetie Pie/Little Beeper/Calamity Coyote/Buster Bunny/Plucky Duck/Gogo Dodo/Foulmouth/Herself/Emily (from Thomas and Friends)/Thomas (from Thomas and Friends)/Lillie Lightship (from TUGS)/Ten Cents (from TUGS)
  • Antoine - Plucky Duck/Bugs Bunny/Buster Bunny/Calamity Coyote/Little Beeper/Dizzy Devil/Montana Max/Fowlmouth/Fifi La Fume/Gogo Dodo/Shirley the Loon/Sweetie Pie/Babs Bunny/James (from Thomas and Friends)
  • Bunnie Rabbot - Shirley the Loon/Babs Bunny/Fifi La Fume/Elmrya Duff/Sweetie Pie/Little Beeper/Calamity Coyote/Buster Bunny/Gogo Dodo/Plucky Duck/Fowlmouth/Dot (from Animaniacs)
  • Dr. Robotnik - Dr. Gene Splicer/Montana Max/Dizzy Devil/Oogie/Danforth Drake/Roderick Rat/Sappy Stanley/Himself/Stripe (from Gremlins)/Diesel (from Thomas and Friends)
  • Snivley - Montana Max/Oogie/Danforth Drake/Roderick Rat/Sappy Stanley/Dizzy Devil/Dr. Gene Splicer
  • Amy Rose - Babs Bunny/Fifi La Fume/Elmyra Duff/Shirley the Loon/Sweetie Pie/Buster Bunny/Hamton J. Pig/Plucky Duck/Little Beeper/Gogo Dodo/Calamity Coyote/Herself/Dot (from Animaniacs)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog - Plucky Duck/Montana Max/Johnny Pew/Dizzy Devil/Gogo Dodo/Calamity Coyote/Buster Bunny/Elmrya Duff/Shirley the Loon/Babs Bunny/Himself/Diesel 10 (from Thomas and Friends)
  • Rouge the Bat - Shirley the Loon/Rhubella Rat/Gotcha Grabmore/Elmyra Duff/Babs Bunny/Fifi La Fume/Sweetie Pie/Calamity Coyote/Plucky Duck/Buster Bunny/Herself
  • E-102 Gamma - Melvin the Monster
  • Cream the Rabbit - Sweetie Pie/Babs Bunny/Fifi La Fume/Shirley the Loon/Elmrya Duff/Hamton J. Pig/Buster Bunny/Plucky Duck/Furrball/Little Beeper/Calamity Coyote/Gogo Dodo
  • Cheese the Chao - Lil' Sneezer
  • Cosmo the Seedrain - Fifi La Fume/Babs Bunny/Shirley the Loon/Elmrya Duff/Sweetie Pie/Buster Bunny/Hamton J. Pig/Plucky Duck/Furrball
  • Big the Cat - Furrball/Hamton J. Pig/Buster Bunny/Plucky Duck/Gogo DodoLittle Beeper/Calamity Coyote/Dizzy Devil/Bugs Bunny
  • Tikal the Echidna - Shirley the Loon/Babs Bunny/Fifi La Fume/Sweetie Pie/Elmrya Duff/Buster Bunny/Plucky Duck/Hamton J. Pg/Furrball/Calamity Coyote/Little Beeper
  • Vector the Crocodile - Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Fowlmouth/Dizzy Devil/Gogo Dodo
  • Espio the Chameleon - Little Beeper/Hamton J. Pig/Plucky Duck/Gogo Dodo/Buster Bunny/Bugs Bunny/Dizzy Devil/Fowlmouth/Babs Bunny/Fifi La Fume/Shirley the Loon
  • Charmy Bee - Hamton J. Pig/Little Beeper/Buster Bunny/Plucky Duck/Gogo Dodo/Furrball/Dizzy Devil/Sweetie Pie/Babs Bunny/Shirley the Loon/Fifi La Fume
  • Blaze the Cat - Shirley the Loon/Fifi La Fume/Babs Bunny/Sweetie Pie/Plucky Duck/Furrball/Buster Bunny/Hamton J. Pig/Little Beeper/Calamity Coyote
  • Silver the Hedgehog - Fowlmouth/Plucky Duck/Buster Bunny/Gogo Dodo/Hamton J. Pig/Calamity Coyote/Little Beeper/Dizzy Devil/Furrball/Shirley the Loon/Fifi La Fume/Babs Bunny/Sonic (from StH)
  • Marine the Raccoon - Fifi La Fume/Sweetie Pie/Babs Bunny/Shirley the Loon/Furrball/Plucky Duck/Buster Bunny/Hamton J. Pig/Little Beeper/Calamity Coyote
  • Scratch - Danforth Drake/Roderick Rat/Pinky (From Pinky & the Brain)/Brain (From Pinky & the Brain)
  • Grounder - Roderick Rat/Danforth Drake/Brain (From Pinky & the Brain)/Pinky (From Pinky & the Brain)
  • Coconuts - Oogie/Montana Max/Hamton J. Pig/Dizzy Devil/Calamity Coyote/Buster Bunny/Plucky Duck/Little Beeper/Calamity Coyote/Furrball/Fowlmouth/Gogo Dodo
  • Breezie - Elmrya Duff/Rhubella Rat/Shirley the Loon/Fifi La Fume/Sweetie Pie/Babs Bunny/Buster Bunny/Montana Max
  • Manic - Plucky Duck/Hamton J. Pig/Buster Bunny/Little Beeper/Calamity Coyote/Furrball/Babs Bunny/Fifi La Fume/Shirley the Loon/Sweetie Pie/Himself
  • Sonia - Shirley the Loon/Babs Bunny/Sweetie Pie/Fifi La Fume/Elmrya Duff/Plucky Duck/Buster Bunny/Hamton J. Pig/Little Beeper/Herself
  • Dr. Brandon Quark - Sappy Stanley/Montana Max/Dr. Gene Splicer/Danforth Drake/Roderick Rat/Oogie
  • Uncle Chuck - Sonic (from StH)/Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Porky Pig/Foghorn Leghorn/Road Runner/Buster Bunny/Fowlmouth/Little Beeper/Babs Bunny/Plucky Duck/Elmer Fudd/Yosemite Sam/Hamton J. Pig/Donald Duck (from Disney)/Montana Max/Himself/Little Toot (from Melody Time)/Thomas (from Thomas and Friends)/Fifi La Fume/Ten Cents (from TUGS)
  • Rotor - Himself/Henry (from Thomas and Friends)/Calamity Coyote/Buster Bunny/Plucky Duck/Bugs Bunny/Furrball/Hamton J. Pig/Fowlmouth/Babs Bunny/Fifi La Fume/Sweetie Pie/Shirley the Loon/Percy (from Thomas and Friends)
  • Knuckles - Himself/Gordon (from Thomas and Friends)/Dizzy Devil/Plucky Duck/Bugs Bunny/Buster Bunny/Hamton J. Pig/Fowlmouth/Calamity Coyote/Montana Max/Little Beeper/Babs Bunny/Shirley the Loon/Fifi La Fume/Elmrya Duff/Sweetie Pie/Thomas (from Thomas and Friends)
  • Mighty the Armadillo - Calamity Coyote/Little Beeper/Buster Bunny/Furrball/Bugs Bunny/Plucky Duck/Hamton J. Pig/Shirley the Loon/Babs Bunny/Fifi La Fume/Sweetie Pie
  • Ray the Flying Squirrel - Little Beeper/Plucky Duck/Hamton J. Pig/Buster Bunny/Calamity Coyote/Bugs Bunny/Furrball/Sweetie Pie/Fifi La Fume/Babs Bunny/Shirley the Loon
  • Jet the Hawk - Danforth Drake/Oogie/Sappy Stanley/Dr. Gene Splicer/Montana Max/Plucky Duck/Fowlmouth/Dizzy Devil/Buster Bunny/Furrball/Calamity Coyote/Little Beeper
  • Wave the Swallow - Rhubella Rat/Shirley the Loon/Fifi La Fume/Sweetie Pie/Elmrya Duff/Babs Bunny
  • Storm the Albatross - Roderick Rat/Oogie/Sappy Stanley/Dr. Gene Splicer/Montana Max/Dizzy Devil/Fowlmouth/Calamity Coyote/Plucky Duck
  • King Acorn - Himself/Bugs Bunny/Buster Bunny/Little Toot (from Melody Time)/Thomas (from Thomas and Friends)/Sir Topham Hatt (from Thomas and Friends)
  • Queen Acorn - Herself/Lola Bunny (from Looney Tunes)/Babs Bunny/Big Toot (from Melody Time)/Emily (from Thomas and Friends)/Lady Hatt (from Thomas and Friends)
  • Sonic Jr. - Yakko (From Animaniacs)/Himself
  • Sarah - Dot (From Animaniacs)/Himself
  • Roman the Hedgechidna - Wakko (From Animaniacs)
  • Timothy - Mr. Plotz (From Animaniacs)/Wakko (From Animaniacs)/Himself
  • Sleet - Brain (From Pinky and the Brain)/Pinky (From Pinky and the Brain)/Danforth Drake/Roderick Rat
  • Dingo - Pinky (From Pinky and the Brain)/Sleet (From Pinky and the Brain)/Roderick Rat/Danforth Drake
  • Metal Sonic - Himself/Montana Max/Dr. Gene Splicer/Buster Bunny/Plucky Duck/Hamton J. Pig/Calamity Coyote/Little Beeper/Dizzy Devil/Fowlmouth/Bugs Bunny/Gogo Dodo/Furrball/Fifi La Fume/Daffy Duck/Porky Pig/Babs Bunny/Road Runner/Sweetie Pie/Elmer Fudd/Brain (from Pinky & the Brain)/Thomas (from Thomas and Friends)/Diesel (from Thomas and Friends)
  • Lucas - Gogo Dodo/Furrball/Himself/Fowlmouth/Sonic (from StH)/Little Toot (from Melody Time)
  • Rocket - Himself/Buster Bunny/Bugs Bunny/Hamton J. Pig/Plucky Duck/Furrball/Little Toot (from Melody Time)
  • Cyrus - Tails (from StH)/Plucky Duck/Himself/Daffy Duck
  • Chris - Scoop (from Bob the Builder)/Himself
  • Danny - Muck (from Bob the Builder)/Himself
  • Helena - Amy (from StH)/Babs Bunny/Herself/Lola Bunny (from Looney Toones)
  • Griff - Porky Pig/Sonic (from StH)/Himself/Buster Bunny/Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Fowlmouth/Gogo Dodo
  • Cat - Himself
  • Goobster - Little Toot (from Melody Time)/Sonic (from StH)/Daffy Duck/Bugs Bunny/Porky Pig/Yosemite Sam/Buster Bunny/Himself
  • Muttski - Gremlin (from Thomas and Friends)/Himself/Bryon Basset/Sonic (from StH)/Pluto (from Disney)/Yosemite Sam/Bugs Bunny/Buster Bunny/Babs Bunny/Porky Pig/Daffy Duck/Elmer Fudd/Road Runner/Montana Max/Little Toot (from Melody Time)

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