Plot summary

Yes, it's true. In a fit of moral outrage, Professor Daffy has canceled Silly Songs with Plucky.

Join the story in this fast paced sing-along collection as we find Plucky Duck drowning his sorrows in Calamity Coyote’s ice cream parlor.

Can Calamity cheer up our depressed duck friend? will Professor Daffy ever forgive Plucky and give him his songs back? most importantly, how much ice cream snacks can a green duck eat right before he gets one of those terrible headaches?

Sing yourself cheerful with some of your most favorite VeggieTales parody songs and find the answer to the question everybody’s asking -- is this... The End of Silliness?

Parody Cast Members

  • ·        Plucky as Larry
  • ·        Calamity as Jimmy
  • ·        Little Beeper as Jerry
  • ·        Daffy as Archie
  • ·        Babs as Laura
  • ·        Hamton as Junior
  • ·        Buster as Bob
  • ·        Rubie as Jean Claude
  • ·        Bertie as Phillipe
  • ·        Elmyra as Annie
  • ·        Fowlmouth as Mr. Lunt
  • ·        Mr. Hitcher as Phil “Frankencelery” Winklestein
  • ·        Montana Max, Danforth Drake, and Roderick Rat as

the 3 Scallion brothers 


(The story begins at an ice cream parlor that's modeled after Edward Hoppers' famous 1942 painting "Nighthawks". It's a dark rainy night. Inside, we see Calamity as an ice cream man cleaning plates behind the counter. We also see a sleeping Plucky who's sitting next to a large glass window, alone and fidgeting. There are 3 almost empty sundae glasses on his table: 1 red and 1 blue. Plucky appears to be having a nightmare of some kind. We fade right into his dream vision.)

Professor Daffy: "Ex-ex-ex-excuse me, I have an announcement. ...and as a result of the disastrous outcome of the previous Silly Song...

Plucky: Boy is riding with cebu... (Speaking) Um... No wait. No wait.

Professor Daffy: "Th-th-this is quite disappointing...disappointing...disappointing..."

(We fade back to Plucky, still dreaming...)

Plucky: No. No!

(...then back to his nightmare...)

Professor Daffy: "Management has decided-decided-decided...that other performers...performers..."

Fowlmouth: 'Cause you're his cheeseburger

His yummy cheeseburger...

Professor Daffy: "Silly Songs is cancelled... Silly Songs is cancelled-is cancelled until further notice. ...cancelled... Silly Songs is cancelled...cancelled...cancelled...cancelled..."

(...and back to Plucky, who is fidgeting more vigrously.)

Plucky: "Jibee! Jibee! Jibee! Nnnnn! Nnnnnn! No wait! Nnnnnn! Jibee! Jibee!"

(Calamity begins taking notice of Plucky's spastic squeaking and fidgeting.)

Plucky: "Nnnnnnn! Cebu! Nnnnn!"

Calamity: "Hey."

Plucky: "Jibee!"

Calamity: "Hey-hey, Mr., You okay?"

Plucky: "Jibee! Nnnnnn! Nnnn! Jibee!"

Calamity: "Mr.! wake up, Mr.! Mr.?!?"

(The title Silly Sing-Along 2: The End of Silliness?" comes up as Calamity rushes over to see if Plucky's alright.)

(The All-New Tiny Toon Adventures Theme Song begins)

(We fade back to Calamity and Plucky. Plucky has an ice pack on his head. He also has a cup of coffee right in front of him.)

Calamity: "You had me worried and concerned there for a little while, buddy, you alright?"

Plucky: [Sniffs Depressingly] "Yeah, I'm alright."

Calamity: "Well can I get you anything? a push-up?"

(Plucky shakes his head.)

Calamity: "Waffle cone?"

(Plucky shakes his head again.)

Calamity: "Cup full of sprinkles?"

Plucky: "No thanks, I don't need anything."

Calamity: "You uh..wanna talk about it?"

(Plucky looks up then looks over at a jukebox with a television screen.)

Plucky: "Does that thing work?"

Calamity: "Mm-hmm."

Plucky: B-7.

Calamity: "Huh, what?"

Plucky: "B-7, press B-7."

(Calamity walks right over to the jukebox.)

Plucky: "It all started a while back when I was singing this 1 song and...well I don't know, It just kinda screwed up."

(Calamity presses B-7 and on comes The Song of the Cebu. When the song is done, Calamity laughs but stops when he sees Plucky's stern looking face. Plucky's not wearing his ice pack anymore.)

Plucky: "What do you think that's...funny?"

Calamity: "Yeah. Ah... Oh. Uh... Uh, no. No. Wow. Eh, heh. That's gotta hurt"

Plucky: "Yeah right, but it wasn't my entire fault."

(Plucky flops his head onto the table.)

Plucky: They got them mixed-up at Photo Hut!

Calamity: "W-wow. It, uh... Heh. It-it happens. But-but it's not a big deal. So you messed up a song. It's not the end of the universe."

(A mysterious male duck and a female duck in a red dress enter an ice cream parlor. The duck's face is obscured by the turned up coller of his trench coat. The duck sits down and places his briefcase on the counter.)

Calamity: "I'll be with you in a minute, folks. What you need is a little something to cheer you up."

(Calamity walking over to the jukebox again.)

Calamity: "And-and I've got just the thing."

(He presses a few buttons.)

Calamity: "There. That oughta do it."

(He walks away from the jukebox.)

Calamity: What'll it be, Mr.?

(The songs that play include Promised Land, Good Morning, Wade and The Thankfulness Song, and right after that, Plucky sniffs a bit.)

Plucky: "Yeah right, maybe I should just try to be more thankful for the times I did have with my silly songs, goodbye, silly songs, nice knowing you." (He begins singing to himself) It isn't any trouble just to S-M-I-L-E...

Calamity: "Okay. Wrong song. Bad timing. Ah... These'll be great. You'll see. Oh! This one is so funny! (Laughs) You're big, I'm little... (Speaking) o-okay, buddy! Hang on! Daddy's coming!

(The next songs that play are Keep Walking, Big Things Too and Stuff Mart Rap.)

Calamity: (Laughs) "Oh that cracks me up! Bungee bungee bungee-wungee-woogee-wagee-weegee... come on."

Calamity: [Chuckles A Bit]

(Calamity stops laughing and notices that Plucky is still not cheering up.)

Plucky: "I hope those guys didn't get hurt falling on their heads like that. You think they got hurt?"

Calamity: "Oh. Gee, buddy. I don't know. They were wearing their helmets.

Plucky: "Yeah. They were wearing their helmets. That's good."

Calamity: "Look, pal, maybe it's none of my business, but...why are you so down? you wanna tell me what's going on?"

Professor Daffy (off screen): "I'll tell you what's going on."

(The mysterious duck reveals himself to be Professor Daffy and Plucky looks shocked then grouchy looking. Professor Daffy walks right over to the jukebox.)

Professor Daffy: "Perhaps this will clear things up."

(Professor Daffy looks sternly at Plucky. They both make crazy faces at 1 another. Professor Daffy looks stern again and selects 1 peculiar song.)

Plucky: "Noooooooooooooo!"

(The song Professor Daffy selected is His Cheeseburger and right after the song, Calamity looks right at Professor Daffy.)

Calamity: [Gasps In Shock] "You don't mean-"

Professor Daffy: "Yes, it's my fault, all my fault, I'm the 1 to blame!"

(Plucky gently bangs his head on the table.)

Calamity: "That's just crazy. I'd feel that way too if somebody took my songs away."

(Plucky nods his head in agreement.)

Professor Daffy: "It's just that... I...well...surely you can understand my position, I was simply acting in the public's best interest, we do have standards to uphold, you know."

(Calamity looks scornfully at him.)

Professor Daffy: "Yes, I see, well...but then, I got these."

(Professor Daffy opens his briefcase. Plucky looks on as the rain outside stops. Professor Daffy pulls out a pile of papers. He takes 1 piece of paper and reads it out loud.)

Professor Daffy: [Clears Throat] "We, the undersigned, believe that Daffy Duck, should forgive and forget the Song of the Cebu incident and return Silly Songs with Plucky to regular ACME programing, signed 167,512 adoring fans, including, but not limited to, the entire population of Duluth, Minnesota and even someone in Moose Lake."

Plucky: Moose Lake?

Professor Daffy: Yes. Moose Lake.

Plucky: "Wow, Moose Lake."

Professor Daffy: "The people have spoken, I'm afraid I have no other choice but to hereby decree that Silly Songs is henceforth reinstated, effective immediately, which is what, I suppose, henceforth means, but no matter, go on, sing with all the silliness you can muster!"

(Professor Daffy puts his right foot on 1 of the stools.)

Professor Daffy: "Let the universe know, yeah, unto its farthest reaches, including, but not limited to, Moose Lake, that this is not the end of silliness, no, quite the contrary, silliness has just begun!"

(He slips and falls over and his head pops right up from behind.)

Professor Daffy: "But try not to be too silly, please?"

(Plucky gives Professor Daffy a "Thumbs up", gets up and hops over to the jukebox. He pulls out a disc entitled Silly Songs With Plucky: The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps. He puts the disc in. An arm of the jukebox places a disc in the player and the song plays on it.)

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