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There are comparisons between old school LT plots and their TTA "remakes" or sequels.

  • Any Pepe short = Aroma Amore, Love Stinks
  • Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century = Duck Dodgers Jr.
  • The Great Piggy Bank Robbery = The Return of Pluck Twacy
  • One Froggy Evening = Class Cut-Up
  • Elmer's Pet Rabbit = Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow (elements are similar)
  • The Fair-Haired Hare = Home Wrecker (both involve an adversary building a summer home over a rabbit's burrow)
  • Super-Rabbit = Super Babs (parodies the same thing)
  • Duck Amuck = Duck Out of Luck (an off-screen presence controls what happens to Plucky, similar to Duck Amuck)
  • Devil May Hare = Debutant Devil (not a direct copy, but similar in that a Taz-style character is trying to devour a rabbit in a forest-like setting)
  • Daffy Flies North = Migrant Mallard (both deal with trying to migrate, although they're different in script and execution)
  • Hollywood Steps Out = Hollywood Plucky (both have a large number of celebrity caricatures. The plots are way different, though)
  • My Bunny Lies Over the Sea = Miniature Goof (rabbit vs. mean adversary in golf)
  • Frigid Hare = Fur-Gone Conclusion (both involve a rabbit protecting an animal from a hunter)
  • Baseball Bugs = Buster at the Bat (both involve a rabbit playing baseball)
  • Hair-Raising Hare, Water Water Every Hare = Hare Raising Night (Both involve a rabbit, a mad scientist, and a monster created by the mad scientist, the former having "Hare" and Raising" in the title)
  • Book Revue = Eating Between the Lines (both involving a library full of books where the characters come to life and advance the plot)
  • Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears = Bear Necessities (both are parodies of the Goldilocks story)
  • Scaredy Cat, Claws For Alarm, Transylvania 6-5000 = Boo Hoo Hoo, Pluck of the Irish (both involve a character staying at a haunted house)
  • Robin Hood Daffy = Robin Hare (both parody Robin Hood, albeit in vastly different methods)
  • Sport Chumpions = ACME Acres' Summer Olympics (both have that blackout gag execution of looking at various sporting events)
  • Cheese Chasers = Let's Do Lunch (both involve an animal that wants the cat to eat them, although the reasons are different)
  • Goopy Geer = Two-Tone Town (in that they both feature the character)
  • Bewitched Bunny = Fit to Be Stewed (both have the Hansel/Gretel motif going on)
  • Long-Haired Hare = Ruffled Ruffee (Both involve an obnoxious musician as the main antagonist)

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