The sun, the heart. It is the place in each consciousness which comes together and says, I am that I am. It is the place where every other sephiroth is understood and manipulated by the being.

Tipareth, being the third of the four articles of royalty within kabbalah, also known as elements (kabbalah can be ridiculous) places itself at the core of kabbalah philosophy... To begin with, the principle of the royalties. The prince returns to the active power of the king, but instead of doing his will absolutely, he instead calls upon all powers within kabbalah, and uses them to inform and create his will. For this reason, kabbalah allows tipareth the seat of self. It is a terribly interesting principle and place... as in the principle of six it is expression turning into expression, thus realizing that you are an expression within an expression (dot line plane), which causes self awareness. Within kabbalah, as kabbalah is a map more than a series of steps, tipareth is the place where ones consciousness should reside, looking out upon the great powers of being, tipareth, being six, which is the place of virgo in the zodiac, is focused upon total moderation, thus causing the focus of all of kabbalah to be strict moderation. It is also important to point out that air is the principle which the idea of the prince stands for. In this context, Air is the idea of the 'hypothesis'. From collaboration of the other powers within kabbalah, a hypothesis of being is reached and then acted upon, those powers, put simply are: being, willing, becoming, forming, changing, yearning, experiencing, and existing. If one desires the path of ceremonial magic, then you must take care to focus study on these principles


Planet Sun
Sign Leo.
Secondary SignVirgo
Tarot Cardsthe sun the lovers, the hermit, the fool
Numbers 6

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