Tis the Fifteenth Season is the seventh episode of The Simpsons' fifteenth season. It guest stars Matthew Broderick (as Tintin), Robin Williams (as Captain Haddock), Jim Carrey (as Calculus), Harvey Korman (as Zloty), Eric Idle, Terry Jones (as Thompson and Thomson), Marty Feldman (as Sarcophagus), Albert Brooks (as Muller), Neil Patrick Harris (as Ivan), Bob Hope (as Puschov), John Candy (as Rastapopolous), Christopher Walken (as Marty Seingold), Whoopi Goldberg, Mickey Rooney, Buddy Hackett, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Ivan Reitman, Billy Crystal, John Hillerman, John Travolta, Ron Taylor, Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, Steve Martin, Jim Belushi, John Belushi, Bill Murray, Martin Short, Christopher Lloyd and Glenn Shadix (as themselves).


For Christmas, Carl gives Homer a VHS player and a copy of Little Shop of Horrors, with a Behind-the-Scenes Documentary. Homer gives Lenny a pair of Tap Dancing Shoes and a Typewriter.

While staying up late at night, Captain Haddock watches A Christmas Carol.


The Episode is written by Ludwig Bemelmans, based on the Story Idea by Michael Price and John Swartzwelder, directed by Steven Dean Moore and guest animated by Jim Henson, D.B. Sweeney, Frank Oz, Sam Simon, Kent Butterworth, Richard Hunt and Joszef Barsi.

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