Titan is a lunar colony located orbitting Saturn.



Titan was first discovered by human astronomer Christiaan Huygens on 25 March, 1665.

It was first mapped by the Cassini-Huygens mission probe in the early 21st century.

The next significant mission to Titan came when Colonel Shaun Geoffrey Christopher led the first manned mission to near-Saturn space, aboard the UNSS Lewis and Clark. After performing orbital surveys of Saturn, its moons and ring system, Christopher and his fellow astronauts Fontana and O'Herlihy landed on Titan on 26 January 2020. They surveyed the methane seas at the moon's poles, explored the Xanadu region, and found evidence of what they believed to be alien visitation: ancient mine shafts and apparant tread marks, also present on the other Saturnian moons.

In 2034, the International Space Agency established the Saturn Solar Base research facility on Titan.

In 2050, thirty years after the Lewis and Clark mission, the New United Nations initiated a plans to construct a more permanent outpost on Titan, funded by the tychoon Micah Brack. The Titan Expedition was launched from Earth aboard the modified DY-400 class SS Stockholm. The Stockholm's crew included mission commander Colonel John Christopher II, the son of Shaun Christopher; first officer Commander David Garrick; and Lieutenant Donald Stiles, ship's pilot. The ship's company numbered 82, including Professor Timothy O'Neill and his year-old son Lucas.

The Stockholm landed on Titan on 12 March 2052, and the crew began construction of the first pressure dome to be utilized in colonization. The dome was completed on 20 June, and Micah Brack officially incorporated the colony, naming it "Christopher's Landing." As construction began on more colony domes, and additional 14 ships would leave Earth over the next year, until the outbreak of World War III.

Just before the bombing of Florida by the Eastern Coalition in May 2053, the last two colony ships bound for Titan blasted off, carrying refugees and those who wished to escape the catastrophe about to occur on Earth. The colony vessels were accompanied by the NASA surveyor John Kelly under the command of Captain David Carter.

During World War III, Christopher's Landing and the other Titan colonies were cut off from Earth. For years, the colonists heard no word from Earth, and feared the worst. Under Micah Brack's direction, a terraforming project was begun on Titan. Contact with Earth was not reestablished until after Zefram Cochrane's warp flight in 2063.

Refuge Era

During the Refuge Era Titan served as a refuge because of its twelve enclaves in charge of the care of the children of assimilated species.