The Titan Imperium and it's political dependencies the six Saturn baronies are undemocratic although the degree of authoritarismism in each of the seven states depends on the local ruling elite. These seven states, which are also members of the Outworld Alliance, rule the moons of Saturn, a gas giant planet. The largest of Saturn's moons, Titan, is ruled by an absolute monarch, an artificial intelligence personality (see races in VESS) with a robot body named the Chromium Emperor. The six Saturn baronies are each ruled by a council of three barons who are appointed by the Chromium Emperor and generally are A.I. personalities with robot bodies. In practice, each barony and it's ruling trio of barons, who are often nicknamed Metallic Barons, have almost complete control of internal affairs. The Chromium Emperor and Metallic Barons also appoint knights, who cane be of any race (natural-born or cloned humans, A.I. personalities, canoids, felinoids,and genetically-enhanced chimpanzees, orangutangs, gorillas, and dolphins). Each barony can range from nearly totalitarian to benevolent rule. Incidentally, Titan is also the seat of the Outworld Alliance's central government.

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