To use a Fighting Fantasy material as a reference, simply use the templates as explained below. Place the reference as you normally would on a wiki (i.e. immediately after punctuation, etc.).

Fighting Fantasy gamebooks

To reference a normal Fighting Fantasy gamebook, simply use the following:


...with the Puffin number of the book replacing the '#' symbol.

Wizard-only books

To reference the new Fighting Fantasy gamebooks published only by Wizard, use the following:

{{Eyeofthedragon}} ...for Eye of the Dragon.

{{Bloodbones}} ...for Bloodbones.

{{Howlofthewerewolf}} ...for Howl of the Werewolf.


To reference the Sorcery! gamebooks, use the following:


...with, again, the Puffin number of the book replacing the '#' symbol.

Reference books

To reference the two reference books, use:

{{Outofthepit}} ...for Out of the Pit.

{{Titan}} ...for Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy books

To reference the AFF books, use the following:

{{Dungeoneer}} ...for Dungeoneer.

{{Blacksand}} ...for Blacksand!.

{{Allansia}} ...for Allansia.

Non-canon material

It's important to indicate material which is non-canonical. You can 'reference' non-canon material by using: {{Noncanon}}



Zagor lived in Firetop Mountain.{{FF1}}

Results in:

Zagor lived in Firetop Mountain.[FF1]

Current status

At the time of writing not all of the templates for the core series of gamebooks exist. Additionally templates don't currently exist for any other spin-off media not covered here.

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