Cast (Version 1)

  • Albert Rogelie as Thomas, Both are young
  • Binoculatron as Edward
  • Pistolaco as Henry
  • Mr. Bear as Gordon
  • Rabbit C as James, Both are Red
  • Blue Birdy as Percy, Both are young
  • Brown Bear as Toby, both are Brown
  • Pig CH as Duck
  • Ant 1 (from "Antenna 3") as Donald
  • Ant 2 (from "Antenna 3") as Douglas
  • Jaberzite as Oliver
  • Vampire as Diesel, Both are Devious
  • Huw Finger as Bill
  • Dirk Finger as Ben
  • Winy Bear as BoCo
  • Hippopotas as Daisy, but Hippopotas is Good
  • Mrs. Bear as Mavis
  • Colin Shake as Stepney
  • Paola Hair as Emily
  • Purpuzite as Bertie
  • Captain Crapti as Salty
  • Jarvier as Harvey
  • The Nightmare Bros as Iron 'Arry & Iron Bert, both are Evil Twins
  • Coralite as Fergus
  • Colour Balls as Skarloer Railway
  • Ernique as Arthur
  • Damy as Lady
  • Giant Nuclear Monster as Diesel 10, Both are Strong & Very evil

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