Disney-Walt Disney made the first disney film called Snow white and the seven dwarfs in 1937. There are other disney films like The jungle book, Peter pan, Lady and the tramp, 101 Dalmatians, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Robin hood, Bambi, The little mermaid, Beauty and the beast, Aladdin, The lion king, Pocahontas and other disney films.

Warner bros.-Warner bros. has got Looney tunes.

Hanna-Barbera-Hanna-Barbera has got The flintstones, Scooby doo, Wacky races, Dastardly and muttley, The further adventures of superted and others.

Pixar-Pixar has got the CGI films like Toy story, A bug's life, Toy story 2, Finding nemo, Up, Cars and others.

Aardman-Aardman has got Wallace and gromit and other Aardman things.

Cosgrove hall-Cosgrove hall made Dangermouse, Count duckula, The wind in the willows and others.

And Classics-Classics are Dangermouse & Count duckula and Superted.

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