Fowlmouth pic

Fowlmouth in a cussing fit.

To Bleep Or Not To Bleep is a funny Tiny Toon Adventures episode. Buster tells the viewers that not every test in Acme Looniversity is academic. Such examples include the test of speed, which he demonstrates by running across the hall; the taste test, which he shows Dizzy Devil devouring his schoolbooks in a classroom; and the test of true love, where he enters the cafeteria and introduces the viewers to a love-struck young rooster, Fowlmouth. Buster explains that Fowlmouth has been mooning over Shirley for weeks, and that he would love to ask her out to the school dance on Saturday, but he has one little problem.

Fowlmouth is then shown trying to open a carton of milk by squeezing it (as he is too lovestruck to pay attention), causing the milk to burst open and get all over him and his food. He goes into a cursing fit (with his swear words being bleeped out), as his shocking and explicit nature scares the sausages to literally flee away from the kitchen and the cafeteria worker (a large, hairy, tattooed man smoking a cigarette while preparing food) to faint. During his raging, he burps (which causes him to become quite embarrassed and to stop cursing) and says, "Pardon me." Buster responds to the viewers by saying, "Fowlmouth swears so much is beak has been declared a toxic waste dump."

A gloomy Fowlmouth tells Buster (cursing nearly every other word) that after the mess of things he made, Shirley will never go out with him. Buster tells him that he has to "clean up his mouth" first, as a desperate Fowlmouth feels he just has to ask her to the dance on Saturday. Fowlmouth notices Shirley floating out of the cafeteria in her meditative state and follows after her. He yells to Shirley to wait up and dashes up to her, as she stops and greets him. Fowlmouth tries asking her out (by using the "I'm a guy, you're a girl" routine), but curses several times in doing so. Shirley is shocked and faints, as her aura screams, puts a "For Sale" sign next to her body and flees. Shirley wakes up and looks directly at Fowlmouth, then screams and flees (mimicking her aura).

Fowlmouth grabs a hold of Buster's shirt and stands on his stomach, begging for his help, so Buster knocks him off with his foot and responds, "That's my weak spot...Vulnerable poultry." Buster tells Fowlmouth that he does not stand a chance until he cures his swearing habit, and then he takes him to some sort of chemistry room. He has Fowlmouth strapped into a chair with a metal helmet over his head, introducing him to the "Acme Behavior Modification System," a robot that can cure bad habits by someone pressing different levers or buttons that cause harm to the one strapped in the chair when they perform one of their nasty habits. When Fowlmouth curses, Buster pulls up or down on a lever or presses a button, as each time sometime different happens to Fowlmouth. He is hit with a pie to the face, sprayed with water, has a metal plate drilled over his mouth (which is bursts out of with more swearing) and flattened by a mallet, but none of this has an effect on his cursing. The machine overloads, and as Fowlmouth yells, "With that and a cherry on top!," it explodes into many pieces. A frazzled Buster (with his shirt and gloves ripped apart) shrugs and responds, "That's funny, it worked on nail biters."

Later, Buster is walking through the Acme Park, as Fowlmouth follows behind him, crawling on his knees and still pleading for help. Buster refuses and believes him to be hopeless, but as they approach a sandbox with three babies playing in it, Fowlmouth begs without saying one curse word (replacing them with words such as "golly", "gosh" and "for heaven's sake"). Buster is stunned, but also overjoyed, as he lifts up Fowlmouth and exclaims, "F.M. (the nickname Buster frequently calls him in the episode)! You just said three whole sentences without swearing!" Fowlmouth points to the babies behind him and responds, "Sure, there's little kids here, ya know. What, do you think I'm crude or something?"

Buster feels this is the cure for Fowlmouth, but will need to tag along and help him if he wants to go on that date with Shirley. They hide in some shrubbery near a tree, as a levitated Shirley is nearby, meditating and chanting, "Ooommm...Or some Junk. Oooommm." Buster kicks Fowlmouth out of the bush and next to Shirley, but as he greets her, she floats away, calling him "Mr. bad karma with feathers." He begins to get mad and curse, but Buster holds out a baby from the bush, so he pulls Shirley back over to him. He calmly tells her that he realized he did not make the best of impressions on her earlier and to allow him to make it up to her by escorting her home. She is hesitant because of his cursing, but Fowlmouth reassures her that he will not curse and that she has his word. He extends his arm to her and she takes it, as they begin walking side by side to her house (with Buster secretly tagging along, carrying the three babies form the sandbox).

Fowlmouth and Shirley approach a ferocious-looking bulldog along their path, as Shirley suggests they just go around because she is getting hostile vibrations from the dog. Fowlmouth believes the dog to be a gentle canine and that he wouldn't hurt a fly, as he walk over to the dog and starts to pat his head. The bulldog opens his large mouth, revealing razor-sharp teeth, and bites down hard on Fowlmouth's hand. Fowlmouth is about to curse at the bulldog, but Buster pulls the dog away into a trashcan and pushes him back out, having quickly dressed him in baby's clothing and putting a pacifier in his mouth, causing Fowlmouth to calm down. Fowlmouth continues where he left off, escorting Shirley to her house, but as they walk away, he pulls the pacifier from the bulldog's mouth, causing the dog to burst into a tantrum.

Fowlmouth successfully escorts Shirley home, and she thanks him for proving her wrong and tells him that he is "a totally way cool dude." Fowlmouth is now optimistic and responds, "Does this mean you'll go to the dance with me Saturday? I hope, I hope, I hope." Buster is nearby, up in a tree with the three babies, as he believes Shirley will say "yes." She call him "sweet" and caresses the bottom of his beak (causing him to float in the air with love hearts coming out of him), but she informs him that she already promised to go with Plucky. She tells him to call her sometime and goes into her house, as Fowlmouth becomes boiling mad.

Buster tries to console Fowlmouth, mentioning that he can carry on a conversation without swearing once, but Fowlmouth is far too upset, as his face turns red then blue from trying to hold his temper in. Fowlmouth is about to lose his steam (scaring the babies and sending them running away), but instead, he calms down and says, "Rats. Oh Well, maybe next time." He thanks Buster for the help anyways and calmly walks away (not spouting out any swear words and revealing to Buster that he is fully cured of his cursing habit). Buster then lets out a (bleeped) explicit, as suddenly the habit-breaking machine appears and takes Buster away. The machine performs the same harsh treatment that Fowlmouth received from it (seemingly to no effect as Buster curses the entire time as well).

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